Start Stop Continue Template

Start, Stop & Continue for Better Sprint Planning

Evaluate current activities and determine the best practices to be implemented, continued and which courses of action needs to be stopped at the end of each sprint.

  • Intuitive visual canvas for seamless visual project management
  • In-built video conferencing to run meetings and workshops
  • Pre-made start, stop, continue example templates to streamline your sprints
Start Stop Continue Template
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Look at Production from a Different Perspective

Look at Production from a Different Perspective

Look at Production from a Different Perspective

Visualize workflows and processes on the canvas to determine what was done right and identify areas of improvement.

Brainstorming tools such as mind maps and brainwriting templates to brainstorm together with the team.

Freehand drawing and note taking to get team members to list down their ideas.

Use configurable color themes for shapes to group similar ideas and also to differentiate between measures that can be taken to improve processes, inefficiencies and best practices.


Gather Feedback from the Team

Gather Feedback from the Team

Real-time cursors for any number of participants. Work with teams and clients on a shared canvas.

Video conferencing baked into the platform to smoothly run project brainstorming sessions, sprint planning meetings, project reviews, and retros.

Contextual comments to engage and get inputs from key stakeholders. Use @mention comments to direct people to get things done or clarify things.

Multiple access and role levels to effectively manage working with external stakeholders and clients on projects.

Smart notifications to stay up to date with the latest project and task updates.

Gather Feedback from the Team
A Full Retrospect of the Sprint in Minutes

A Full Retrospect of the Sprint in Minutes

A Full Retrospect of the Sprint in Minutes

Multiple pre-made templates to facilitate retro meetings easily.

An infinite canvas that scales up to 1000s of items in a single view to get team members to vote for the best ideas in real time.

Workspace, folder, team, and organizational level sharing to manage project data points of different departments and teams.

Universal search to easily navigate through complex project workspaces.

Online whiteboard and sticky notes for product backlog planning, and sprint planning.


A Better Way to Ship Products

A Better Way to Ship Products

Assign tasks to complete items in context. Link tasks to or from other project management tools seamlessly.

Set estimated times and due dates for tasks and allocate resources based on availability and skill sets.

Built-in agile project management tools and integrations for your favorite project management tools to keep work flowing.

Intuitive visual grids for task prioritization and Kanban boards and Gantt charts for task management.

A Better Way to Ship Products

What Is Start, Stop and Continue?

Start, stop, continue is a simple yet effective retrospective template to conduct a retrospective session which allows you to obtain peer and leadership feedback, and review factors that contributed to the success of a sprint and areas that need to be improved.

Start: Actions or practices which the team should adopt in the next cycle.

Stop: Actions that the team should stop doing as they have a negative impact on the sprint cycle.

Continue: Actions that turned out to be effective during the previous sprint and therefore should be continued in the next.

How to Use a Start, Stop and Continue Template?

  • Firstly, conduct a brainstorming session on Creately together with the team to review the previous sprint cycle and evaluate current activities. You can use a mind map for this purpose. Get the team to share their feedback on the actions that worked, didn’t work and practices that should be continued.
  • Use Creately’s color themes and shape styling to group similar ideas together and differentiate the actions that should be started, stopped and continued.
  • Use the same workspace to get your team members to vote for the most effective actions.
  • Connect with your team on a video call on Creately to review and discuss the sprint tasks and come up with solutions for the problems faced during the sprint.