RACI Matrix Template

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RACI template to easily define roles and responsibilities within projects or business processes. Improve clarity, accountability, communication, and overall team efficiency for better project execution.

  • Multiple pre-made RACI templates for quick planning
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RACI Matrix Template

RACI Templates to Define Project Roles and Responsibilities

Powerful Visual Tools for Project Planning

Powerful Visual Tools for Project Planning

Powerful Visual Tools for Project Planning

Create simple or complex RACI matrix templates to assign project responsibilities instantly with a versatile table shape. Get started with ready-made templates for project planning and management, along with brainstorming tools like mind maps. Visually organize your project data using Kanban boards, timelines, and grids on an infinite canvas and develop a comprehensive big picture understanding of your projects.

Keep Everyone in Sync

Keep Everyone in Sync

Work with project teams and stakeholders on a shared canvas and see instant updates and changes as they happen with real-time cursors, synced previews and spotlighting. Share your RACI matrix template with stakeholders and capture instant feedback with contextual comments.

Keep Everyone in Sync
Run Your Projects More Effectively

Run Your Projects More Effectively

Run Your Projects More Effectively

Bring your projects to life with built-in project management tools. Kanban boards, multi-role workflows, visual prioritization tools to enable any kind of workflow for even items from 3rd party platforms. Quickly assign tasks from any item on your RACI matrix template for anyone in the team.

Keep Everything in One Central Place

Keep Everything in One Central Place

Keep all project-related communication in one place. Centralize all your project data, plans, and reports in one place with workspace embeds and powerful documentation capabilities with per-item notes for your RACI matrix template with tables, attachments and more.

Keep Everything in One Central Place

What is a RACI Matrix?

A RACI matrix, which stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed, is a project management tool used to define and communicate the roles and responsibilities of individuals or teams in a specific task, project, or process. It is typically presented in a matrix or table format, with tasks listed on one axis and the roles (R, A, C, I) on the other. The matrix helps clarify who is responsible for the task, who is ultimately accountable, who needs to be consulted, and who should be informed. This visual representation improves communication, reduces confusion, and makes sure that everyone involved in a project understands their role and contribution. Here’s what each term in the RACI matrix signifies:

  • Responsible (R): The person or people responsible for performing the task or carrying out the work. They are the “doers” of the activity.

  • Accountable (A): The person who has ultimate responsibility for the task or deliverable. This person is often the one who approves the work or ensures that it meets the required standards. There should be only one “A” assigned to each task.

  • Consulted (C): Individuals or groups who need to provide input or expertise before the task can be completed. These are the people whose opinions or advice is sought.

  • Informed (I): Those who need to be kept in the loop about the progress of the task but do not have a direct role in its completion. They are updated on the status but are not directly involved in the execution.

However, the usage of ecomaps is now no longer limited to social workers. It is used in various disciplines to understand an ecosystem, how an individual interacts with an ecosystem, resource availability, client or community requirements, and much more.

How to Create the RACI Matrix Template

There are many ecomap examples and templates that can be used depending on the situation and your requirement. The most common types of ecomap templates are:

  1. Create a Creately workspace for your RACI matrix template and share it with relevant stakeholders to collaborate. Together, brainstorm and list all the tasks or activities associated with your project or process that require roles and responsibilities to be defined.

  2. Identify the individuals or teams involved in the project. These will be the people you assign roles to in the RACI matrix chart.

  3. Create a matrix with tasks on one axis and roles on the other. You can also start with a pre-made RACI chart template. Assign the appropriate RACI codes to each intersection, indicating who is responsible, accountable, consulted, or informed for each task.

  4. For each task, determine who will be responsible for completing it (R). This person or team will be the one actively doing the work.

  5. Identify the person who is ultimately accountable for the success or failure of the task (A). Only one person should be accountable to avoid confusion.

  6. Determine who needs to be consulted (C) for input or expertise during the task and who needs to be informed (I) about the progress or outcome.

  7. Review the RACI matrix with the relevant stakeholders to make sure that everyone agrees with their assigned roles. Make adjustments if needed.

  8. Share the RACI matrix template with the team and stakeholders using a workspace share link. Use it as a reference point throughout the project to guide decision-making and collaboration.

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