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Use Creately to design winning proposals, boost your chances at client acquisition. A wide range of customizable templates and graphic assets to help you get started.

  • A collection of design and visualization tools
  • Seamless collaboration with remote teams
  • Quick export with JPEG, PNG, PDF or SVG
Proposal Maker
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Centralize All Your Information

Centralize All Your Information

Centralize All Your Information

Create custom databases where you can conduct research on prospective clients or potential opportunities to store all related information in one place.

Add detailed docs, attachments, images and links to easily extract relevant data to the proposal, without switching back and forth between different apps.

Whiteboarding capabilities with freehand drawing and notetaking to ensure all details are captured when conducting team discussions.

Universal full text search to locate anything instantly. Visually navigate and see the search results.


Create Winning Proposals

Create Winning Proposals

Professionally designed templates to help you get a head start on designing the proposal.

An extensive library of customizable color themes and text styling options to design the proposal according to your brand’s visual language.

Frames inside the canvas to create dynamic presentations, which can be easily shared with teams and/or clients.

Export your proposals in JPEG, PNG, SVG and PDF formats or embed in any site or the intranet.

Create Winning Proposals
Make Sure Everyone in the Team Contributes to the Process

Make Sure Everyone in the Team Contributes to the Process

Make Sure Everyone in the Team Contributes to the Process

Multi-user collaboration with asynchronous editing to collaborate and identify each members’ contributions.

In-app video and audio calls to work with your remote teammates like you are in the same room.

@mention comments to direct people to get things done or clarify and comment threads to have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas.

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing workspaces.

Smart notifications to stay updated on changes made to the workspace.



Visualize process and user insights with AI templates

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates

Accessing Creately VIZ

    What is a Project or Business Proposal?

    The first step in initiating a project or establishing a business is to create a proposal for it. The proposal is a document, which outlines key information about the project or business idea. A well drafted proposal can help investors better understand your business and persuade potential clients to work with you on a particular project.

    Guidelines to Create a Good Project or Business Proposal

    Your project proposal should contain the following key sections.

    • Executive summary - In other words, the executive summary is the project’s elevator pitch. It should be clear and concise in stating the problem, proposed solution and discuss how the project can be successful.
    • Background - This section highlights past successful and unsuccessful projects that address the same problem, which you are attempting to solve. Here, you should provide information as to how your attempt is different from others’ and why it will be successful. Furthermore, you should also provide data on how previously failed attempts could have been handled better.
    • Requirements - Here, you should outline the resources you may require throughout the project’s life cycle.
    • Solution - As the most important section of the proposal, the solution should explain your approach to resolving the defined problem. This chapter should typically include your method as to how the project will be managed and how potential risks will be mitigated.
    • Authorization - This is where you must include the project’s key decision makers of the project. It may include external stakeholders who are appointed by the client or investor to authorize or approve decisions and sign-offs.
    • Appendix - This section consists of additional information regarding the project, which may help relevant stakeholders to better understand or learn more about the project.

    Click here to read Creately’s guide on how to write a project proposal that will win, with customizable templates that help you gather and organize information.