Milestone Chart and Timeline Templates

Visual templates for planning, illustrating and scheduling your projects collaboratively

  • Visualize the sequence of events you need to achieve
  • Plan, schedule and track your projects with your team
  • Create a high-level overview of your project for presentations

Creately helps you do this with

Pre-designed templates for creating timelines online
Easy drawing and diagramming tools for extending your milestone charts
Share with others in your team for real-time collaboration and group editing
Embed and share an always updated secure diagram with the Creately Viewer in any internal web page or site

Guide and Best Practices

A milestone chart is a tool used to visualize milestones, which are the significant planned events that are scheduled to happen during a specific time in a project timeline. It highlights the planned dates and the completion of milestones.

How to plan milestones

  • Start by defining your project goals. Getting a thorough understanding of the project outcome will help you prioritize tasks.
  • Identify the project tasks and dependencies and determine the time it would take to complete each individual task.
  • Identify the milestones you want to set. These could be the completion of major tasks approvals and testing etc. in addition to the beginning and end of the project.
  • Set a reasonable timeframe. Consider the amount of time and the resources you need to complete each milestone before setting the timeframe.
  • Create a milestone chart template highlighting the project milestones. You can create one yourself or choose a creately timeline template for this.
  • Once you customize the Creately milestone chart template, share it with your team by embedding it in your intranet or internal websites using the Creately Viewer.
  • Add documents or meeting notes to your timeline template by linking shapes. This will help you maintain an updated source for project information.