Employee Task List Template

Keep Track of Your Tasks and Be on Top of Your Workload

Document and schedule all tasks of your organization and employees to keep track of progress and to manage everyone’s daily routines seamlessly.

  • Assign tasks and responsibilities to employees
  • Track task status and share workspaces with colleagues for feedback
  • 1,000 plus templates and shapes to get you started immediately
Employee Task List Template
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Organize and Structure Your Workload Effectively

Organize and Structure Your Workload Effectively

Organize and Structure Your Workload Effectively

Tables with customizable options to create extensive to-do lists complete with task, ownership, due date and progress columns to act as a task tracker.

Sticky notes to add quick explanatory notes, questions, and other information to clarify issues or specifics regarding the assigned work.

Customisable cards with tags to prioritize daily tasks, add other tasks and categorize work to easily arrange and organize workloads of respective projects and departments.

Import data from CSV, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to integrate all work related information in one place to provide the required facts, figures and guidance to perform the assigned work.

Folders and workspaces to organize tasks and to-do lists by project, employee or department to keep things organized and track progress effectively.


Visually Track Your Work and Report Progress

Visually Track Your Work and Report Progress

Templates and shapes including checkboxes to get you quickly set up to track your workload, tasks and progress.

Gantt charts, roadmaps and timelines to visualize the workload, work progress and resource allocations and usage including budgets and costs of tasks.

Custom databases to bring data from multiple sources to one workspace to connect work related information for easy access.

Export as PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG to present, print, and share as hardcopies for employees and line managers for documentation.

Visually Track Your Work and Report Progress
Assign and Track Tasks to Manage Work Effectively

Assign and Track Tasks to Manage Work Effectively

Assign and Track Tasks to Manage Work Effectively

Notes and data panel to assign tasks to employees, provide information on roles and responsibilities, set due dates and add important notes.

Notifications to notify employees of assigned work or any changes to their tasks.

Multiple access and role levels to manage, share, and review the assigned work before finalizing.

In-line commenting to add feedback and to provide input for the work carried out.



Visualize process and user insights with AI templates

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates

Accessing Creately VIZ

    What is an Employee Task List Template?

    An employee task list is a document that details or lists out the duties that employees of a particular organization or project must complete. This is usually prepared and provided by the line manager. Task checklist templates, back in the day, were provided in printed form that were susceptible to getting lost and being damaged.

    The task list template usually includes the tasks that need to be done, why it should be done and how it will be completed. The overall goal of the employee task list is to ensure that employees are on top of their work without any lags and are able to manage their daily routines efficiently.

    Consider including the following when creating an employee task list:

    • An itemized to-do list including tasks and activities (this could be divided as daily, weekly and monthly).
    • Status tracking information (not started, ongoing, completed etc.)
    • Due dates and assign task owners
    • Budgets and costs of tasks

    How to Create an Employee Task List Template?

    • Discuss and identify the organizational needs, goals and relevant tasks to be completed.

    • Use Creately’s templates, shapes library and powerful formatting capabilities to create templates including templates for daily tasks.

    • Use the powerful documentation capabilities that includes dynamic text formatting, color themes, tables and Kanban boards to customize the template and information according to your preference.

    • Drag and drop documents, and data sources including budget information to integrate to the employee task lists.

    • Share the workspace with colleagues and peers to provide inputs and feedback.