Client Onboarding Checklist

Streamline Your Client Onboarding Process

A solid client onboarding process allows you to foster productive and profitable relationships with clients. Here’s an easy-to-use client onboarding checklist to easily bring clients up to speed.

  • Customizable templates to get started quickly
  • Specialized tools and frameworks for process management
  • Real-time collaboration with remote teams
Client Onboarding Checklist
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Maintain a Repository of Client Information

Maintain a Repository of Client Information

Maintain a Repository of Client Information

Create custom databases by directly importing data from a CRM system, and conduct analysis on the same workspace.

Maintain a wiki with all-client-related information and easily share it among cross-functional teams.

Integrated notes to document information on potential clients, their interest levels, pain points, and potential solutions that can be presented.

Embed documents, links, and resources with in-app previews to capture all important details in one spot.


Visual Tools to Formulate a Client Onboarding Strategy

Visual Tools to Formulate a Client Onboarding Strategy

Multiple pre-made templates to identify, evaluate, and capture client interests and needs, and walk them through the onboarding process.

Professional diagramming tools to visually analyze client relationships, dependencies, output, and expectations.

Color themes to add color-coded tags to categorize clients according to the stage they are in the client onboarding process.

Export your client onboarding checklist in JPEG, PNG, PDF and SVGs formats or embed in any site or intranet.

Infinite canvas with whiteboaring capabilities to map the onboarding process to analyze, and understand which areas need improvements.

Visual Tools to Formulate a Client Onboarding Strategy
Engage and Collaborate with Clients

Engage and Collaborate with Clients

Engage and Collaborate with Clients

True multi-user collaboration with concurrent editing to verify and edit the collected information on potential clients with your team.

Multiple access and role levels for relevant teams; Owner, Editor, Commentor, and Viewer roles for workspaces and folders.

Online whiteboard with built-in audio and video conferencing to engage and interact with clients.

​Use @mention comments to tag customers for feedback and comment threads to have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas.

Smart notifications to keep clients informed of relevant actions that occur in the app via the correct channel.

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
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    Why Do You Need a Client Onboarding Checklist?

    Whether yours is a marketing, financial or management consultancy business, every business needs loyal clients to sustain itself. A good client onboarding process can help you foster productive relationships with your clients, right from the start.

    A client onboarding checklist can help you manage the client onboarding process smoothly, by ensuring that all information that you require to bring a new client up to speed is always at your fingertips.

    What to Consider When Creating a Client Onboarding Checklist?

    Make sure that your client onboarding process’ steps contain actionable information under the following categories.

    • Contract - Project/sales proposal (the solution that you are offering the client), legal documents are required to be signed such as an NDA and the initial payment that the client is required to make.

    • Questionnaire - The purpose of this document is to collect information about the client in order to get a better understanding of their pain points. This can also include their goals and the issues they are facing, which your product/service can solve.

    • Launch Project - At this phase, you need to assign the client to dedicated sales and customer service representatives. Thereafter the client can be educated on the workflow process.

    • Client Kickoff Meeting - Hold a kickoff meeting to introduce the client to your team. At this juncture, you can educate the rest of your team on the client’s business goals and let the client know the timeline for key deliverables.

    • Welcome Package - The client should be given a welcome package at the kickoff meeting. The welcome passage should include information on your business, any information regarding the project that could be useful to the client, case studies of similar past projects and a welcome video that can bring the client up to speed.

    • Checkup - Once the client onboarding process is completed, make sure to check up on the client after the first 30 days to ensure that everything is running as planned