BRD Template

Ensure Project Success

Effectively document and share intricate details of your projects and ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page.

  • Multiple templates for business requirements documentation
  • Real-time collaboration to work closely with stakeholders
  • Powerful documentation capabilities to gather and centralize information
BRD Template
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Easy Tools for Documenting Business Requirements

Easy Tools for Documenting Business Requirements

Easy Tools for Documenting Business Requirements

Use tables with advanced customizability to easily structure the elements of your business requirement documentation.

Professional and customizable templates for BRDs, process maps, data flow diagrams, SWOT analysis, and many more.

Add detailed docs, attachments, links and more via the notes feature on each element to capture additional key details and see the big picture.

Easy drag and drop tools and extensive shape libraries to easily create more visual elements to better explain various components of your BRD.


Make Informed Decisions Faster

Make Informed Decisions Faster

Built-in tools to create dynamic and interactive presentations, reports, and dashboards for stakeholders.

Embed documents and reference links to specific elements on your BRD and use in-app previews for easy access.

Infinite canvas and advanced visual tools to visualize and organize the various components of your BRD from product roadmap to cost benefit analysis in a single space.

Add documents and assets with in-app previews to create a central access point for all business requirement related information.

Make Informed Decisions Faster
Bring Everyone on the Same Page

Bring Everyone on the Same Page

Bring Everyone on the Same Page

Online whiteboard with brainstorming tools like mind maps and post-it note walls to easily conduct collaborative brainstorming, planning, & analysis sessions.

Real-time cursors for any number of participants to collaborate with team members on a shared canvas.

Video conferencing baked into the platform to feel like you are in the same room even when you are working remotely.

Comment with context, have discussions and follow ups on the same canvas. Async!

Full version history to keep track of key points during each iteration of your requirement documentation. Branch out from an earlier version if needed at any time.

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing your business requirement documents.

What Is a Business Requirement Document?

The business requirement document explains the business solution for a project based on business or customer needs and requirements. It describes the purpose of the project, the business solution it provides, features and functionalities, as well as the project timeline. While it is most often used to plan software development or other IT projects in non-Agile or hybrid environments, the business requirement document synthesizes input from stakeholders and analysis of the current business situation to provide a technology-neutral description of what the product should do.

How to Create a Business Requirement Document?

  • Open a Creately workspace and select a BRD example to start with. Alternatively, you can also create one from scratch easily with Creately’s intuitive table. Add collaborators to the workspace to work together with anyone in real-time.
  • Brainstorm with stakeholders and teams to capture the various business and stakeholder requirements. The information you collect this way, can be organized in a Creately mind map or a table.
  • Using a Creately business requirement template, fill in the necessary information for summary statement, project scope, desired goals and project objectives, needs statement, financial statement, functional requirements, stakeholders, SWOT analysis, assumptions, limitations, schedule, timeline, deadlines, budget and cost & benefits.
  • Incorporate more visual elements such as business process maps, SWOT analysis, and UI mockups, etc. to describe these elements more clearly to your stakeholders.
  • Once the business requirement document is complete, share it with stakeholders to review and validate it. Discuss changes right on the canvas with Creately comments, and track changes via full version history.