Online Roadmap Maker

Bring Comprehensive Roadmaps Online

Visualize your product or project roadmap easily to create a clear vision; enhance communication and improve execution.

  • In-built management tools to strategically plan your roadmap
  • Real-time collaboration to connect with multiple participants
  • Infinite canvas to organize, present, with easy share and export
Online Roadmap Maker
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Easily Outline Your Roadmap

Easily Outline Your Roadmap
  • Bring data from multiple sources to better understand and formulate strategies.

  • Infinite canvas to compare business goals with planned deliverables.

  • Generate multi-perspectives; convert to Kanban boards, timelines, or prioritization grids.

Easily Outline Your Roadmap
Visualize Your Roadmap from Scratch

Visualize Your Roadmap from Scratch

Visualize Your Roadmap from Scratch
  • Multiple professionally-designed roadmap templates.

  • 100s of shapes to customize and use for timeline, features, and goals of a roadmap.

  • Use Grids and Guides to precisely align milestones.

  • Connect items with dynamic connectors that arrange themselves as you make changes.


Discuss, Modify, and Finalize Your Roadmap Together

Discuss, Modify, and Finalize Your Roadmap Together
  • Real-time and color coded mouse cursors with names to identify team members.

  • Use the comment threads and discussions for real-time collaboration.

  • Multiple access and role levels to streamline viewing, feedback gathering, and editing.

  • Share and export project plans and timelines as JPEGs, PNGs, SVGs and PDFs.

Discuss, Modify, and Finalize Your Roadmap Together
Implement and Manage with Precision/Total Control

Implement and Manage with Precision/Total Control

Implement and Manage with Precision/Total Control
  • Add status tags to the workspace as Draft, In Progress, In Review, Approved, or Final.

  • Workspace status updates to check progress and the impact of changes.

  • Powerful documentation capabilities to keep all project plans in one place.

  • Add contextual information for each element with data fields and custom properties.

What is a Roadmap?

What is a Roadmap?

Roadmaps define a goal or desired outcome as well as the major steps or milestones needed to achieve it. It is also a communications tool and a high-level document that helps articulate company strategies.

How Can Teams Use Creately’s Online Roadmap Maker as a Powerful Collaboration Tool?

  • Use Creately’s integrations with Microsoft Teams, whiteboard and free hand drawing tools to align the team around a common set of goals and objectives.

  • Visualize each step of the roadmap and identify dependencies and risks to avoid bottlenecks.

  • Use priority grids, Kanban boards and work breakdown structures to prioritize and plan tasks.

  • Have regular meetups to communicate progress and to stay up-to-date. Assign tasks via the task panel to track progress, use in-line comments to have discussions and use sticky notes to include important information.

  • Work from anywhere, anytime with colleagues to build a shared understanding.

How to Create a Roadmap for a Project or Organization?

  1. Gather a cross-functional team

As the first step, put together a team that includes representatives from all areas of the organization, relevant to the project or organizational requirement, to work on the roadmap. Hold a kickoff meeting to discuss the purpose and narrow down the requirements.

Gather everyone to the Creately platform to discuss and work together via its integrations with Microsoft Teams.

  1. Identify the goal and objectives

Visualize the roadmap by setting the objectives, goals and initiatives that need to be taken. Explain how each will support the overall business objectives with the data/notes panel pertaining to the relevant shapes and icons. The team can either create a roadmap from scratch or opt to use an already available template to edit and customize. Use the extensive color themes and advanced formatting capabilities to create what the team requires.

  1. Identify milestones and prioritize tasks

Break the project or the identified organizational requirements down into smaller, manageable milestones. This will help the team to track progress and measure success easily.

Review and manage ideas. Use Creately’s prioritization grids from the template library or frames to manage ideas and rank them according to the impact it would have on the business.

  1. Discuss the roadmap and finalize

Bring participants from different departments and discuss the roadmap against the business requirements. Identify the specific requirement and objectives that best support your strategy. Also, make sure to invite stakeholders to provide input and feedback to ensure that it aligns with their needs and expectations.

Use Creately’s in-built whiteboarding features and intergrations to connect with the participants. Once finalized, use Google/Microsoft add-ons, embed in an email, website, or export the roadmap in various formats including SVG, PNG, JPEG, and PDF.

  1. Assign tasks and establish a timeline

Now that the team has prioritized and finalized the roadmap, divide the milestones into specific tasks and assign them to respective departments or team members. Create a timeline for each milestone and task, including deadlines and dependencies. Use Kanban boards and the data panel to split the tasks into releases and assign deadlines.

  1. Set up regular meetings and track progress

Schedule regular meetings with the team and departments to discuss progress, address pressing issues, and to make adjustments if needed.

Use smart notifications and full version history to keep track of changes and to revert back to an earlier version if needed.

Create Your Roadmap Online with Editable Templates

Roadmap Template

Roadmap Template

Simple Product Roadmap

Simple Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap Template

Product Roadmap Template

FAQs About the Online Roadmap Maker in Creately

What is a roadmap template?
A roadmap template provides a guide to get a quick start on creating your product, project, or process roadmap. It should be taken as a useful outline to get you quickly started on the right track to plan and strategize.
Can I use Creately as a free online roadmap maker?
Yes, you can! Check out to sign up for the basic Creately plan. Try out Creately for free with access to 3 canvases.
How do I share my roadmap with my team?
Export your roadmap as a PNG, JPEG, SVG, or PDF to include in presentations or to print and publish. You can also embed the roadmap on any site or intranet with a secure link. To share the workspace, use the top left-hand corner ‘share’ button to invite or send a link to your teammates.
How can I use my brand kit with Creately’s roadmap maker?
If you want to use your brand elements for the roadmap, import the relevant images to the workspace. To import images, click on the ‘plus’ sign at the bottom left-hand corner of the canvas to expand the shapes library. Navigate to the assets tab and click import.
How can I customize my roadmap? What tools should I use?
If you have selected to start your roadmap creation with a Creately template, you would want to know how to customize it. Customizing your template in the workspace is straightforward. You can click and hover over a shape to access the quick toolbar for basic formatting options. If you want to go beyond the quick toolbar’s options, navigate to the shape properties panel at the top right-hand corner. There you can select any color and format text the way you want. To change shapes, access the shapes library; from there, you can even include icons and import backgrounds to personalize the roadmap.
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