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Top 7 Social Media Sites Market Share Percentage

Top 7 Social Media Sites' Market Share Percentages

Black Friday Consumer Spending Statistics info graphic

Black Friday Consumer Spending Statistics infographic

Elon Musk's Master Plan

Elon Musk's Master Plan

Why Creating Infographics is Faster with Creately

Why Creating Infographics is Faster with Creately

Creately offers some powerful and intuitive features to create an infographic online with amazing ease. Our text-based editor makes it super easy to create data-rich charts. As you can see in the image to the right, there are plenty of options to make those charts look exactly the way you want them to. Plus our color palette was specially designed based on designer feedback. All the rows conform to a specific color theme like flat, retro, rainbow etc. By sticking to them, your infographics will have the designer quality automatically applied to them.

Our contextual toolbar makes things like aligning and grouping extremely simple. You don't have to go looking for these options in the toolbar, they automatically pop up when you select multiple objects.

The integrated Google image search and Iconfinder search make it very easy to add images, icons, and clipart to your infographics. No more searching, saving and importing. Use the built-in search box and just drag the image to the infographic. We simply took all your needs into consideration and built the tool that makes creating infographics online a piece of cake.



Many Presentation and Exporting Options

Many Presentation and Exporting Options

We provide you with multiple ways to present and export your infographic online. Not only can you export the infographic, but you can also preserve the various links in the diagram if you export it as a PDF or an SVG. Since infographics are mostly used to visualize data this is an extremely useful feature to have. You can use it to reference sources, link to related sites or to even link to your own website if necessary.

With SVG export, you can draw using our infographic software and add design elements to it using other SVG editors like Adobe Illustrator. This way you can add the charts, maps etc. using our tool and add colorful backgrounds etc. using another editor.

Infographics tend to be large diagrams by their nature. Our specially designed viewer helps you to embed any large infographic in small spaces and view it using zooming functions. You can zoom in, zoom out, move the image by dragging and do a whole lot more. Viewing large infographic in a web page couldn't get any easier.

There are many other exporting and presentation features for you to play around with. Our tools remove limitations and help you to be imaginative and creative. Just give it a try and feel the difference.



Create Infographics Together with Your Team

Create Infographics Together

Collaboration is extremely important when creating an infographic. Facts need to be checked, data need to be verified, sources referenced properly and of course, it needs to go through a few revisions to finalize the design. Many people get involved in all these steps and with our collaborative infographic maker which offers handy real-time collaboration features, every party can collaborate seamlessly within the diagram itself. You can instantly see the changes made by others, leave comments specific to different elements and a whole lot more.

Every change is preserved in the revision history so you can easily analyze the changes and reverse them if necessary. This feature alone saves you hours of time spent on attending meetings and back and forth email communications.

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Hundreds of Infographic Specific Objects

Creately is not a generic diagramming tool which you can sort of use to create an infographic. We have specialized libraries targeted towards infographics. For example, our US maps and US state objects are frequently used to create infographics online related to the United States. Similarly, we have world maps and country objects to create world data infographics.

Infographics are frequently used to visualize data. And we have a separate chart library, which includes bar charts, line charts, pie charts etc., to support that aspect of infographics. With the text-based editor, you can easily manipulate the data as well. No need to add data in one place, generate the chart and paste it in your infographic.

In addition to that we have business shapes, people shapes, people silhouettes and many other shapes that you can add to your infographic online. You can use them to show completion rate, percentages etc. and make your infographic more data-rich.

Free Infographic Software that's Beginner-Friendly

Did we mention that you can use our infographic software for free? Of course, you'll get additional benefits from a paid account but the free version is more than enough to quickly create an infographic online. With the free public plan, you can create up to 5 infographics. This is a great way to try the tool before you commit to purchasing a professional plan as well. So what are you waiting for? Start creating infographics now.