5 Community Genogram Examples with Templates

Updated on: 13 August 2023 | 3 min read

A community genogram is a diagram that goes beyond the traditional family genogram by encompassing a broader range of relationships and connections within a specific community. It provides a way to map and understand the complex relationships among individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions within a particular geographic area or social context.

Common Elements Found in a Community Genogram

  1. Individuals and Families: Community genograms still include family units as in traditional genograms, but they also incorporate individuals who may not be part of a specific family but play significant roles within the community.
  2. Organizations and Institutions: This includes schools, religious institutions, healthcare facilities, businesses, non-profit organizations, social service agencies, and other community-based groups.
  3. Interconnections: The lines and symbols used in the genogram represent the relationships between different individuals, families, and organizations. These connections can show social ties, partnerships, collaborations, conflicts, and other interactions.
  4. Roles and Positions: People’s roles and positions within organizations or institutions are often indicated, helping to identify leaders, staff, volunteers, or participants.
  5. Community Characteristics: Additional information may be included, such as demographic data, cultural factors, economic indicators, and community assets.

Now let’s explore ten community genograms, each highlighting the relationships and networks within a specific community with easily editable templates.

School Community Genogram

The school community genogram provides a holistic view of the educational institution, encompassing students, educators, administrators, and support staff. The school is a nurturing environment where individuals come together to learn, grow, and build lasting connections.

School Community Genogram Template (Click on the Template to Edit it Online)

Religious Community Genogram

In this genogram, we delve into the close-knit fabric of a religious community. It represents a congregation that shares common beliefs, values, and spiritual practices, building a sense of unity and purpose among its members.

Religious Community Genogram Template (Click on the Template to Edit it Online)

Healthcare Community Genogram

The healthcare community genogram presents a comprehensive view of the interwoven network of medical professionals, patients, and healthcare support organizations within a specific area. It represents a system of care and support that aims to promote health, provide medical treatment, and enhance the well-being of individuals and the community.

Healthcare Community Genogram Template (Click on the Template to Edit it Online)

Neighborhood Community Genogram

The neighborhood community genogram offers an in-depth view of the interconnected relationships within a specific locality or neighborhood. It represents a microcosm of society where residents, local businesses, and community centers collaborate to create a thriving and vibrant environment.

Neighborhood Community Genogram Template (Click on the Template to Edit it Online)

Social Services Community Genogram

The social services community genogram provides a comprehensive view of the interconnected network of individuals, organizations, and agencies dedicated to supporting the well-being and welfare of those in need within the community. It represents a system of care and assistance that aims to uplift and empower individuals facing various challenges.

Social Services Community Genogram Template (Click on the Template to Edit it Online)

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