Tools and Templates to Create Beautiful Graphic Organizers

  • Create storyboards, KWL charts and many other graphic organizers
  • Easily add styling and colors using them based color palette
  • Easily embed to web pages or export as images. PDF export for printing

K12-Graphic-Organizer Templates

K-12 Graphic Organizers Explained

K-12 Graphic Organizers are instructional tools which help students to communicate effectively.

Graphic organizers are used to convert a mass of data and/or ideas into a visual graphic map giving the student an increased understanding of the topic at hand.

K-12 Graphic Organizer Examples Explained

Visit the K-12 Graphic Organizer Examples page to get an understanding of all the various graphic organizers that will help students to organize their ideas easily.

A catalogue of all the graphic organizers (Fishbone diagram, Storyboard, Mind Map, Venn, etc) that are commonly used by students can be found in the Creately templates are discussed in detail here.

Examples and Using K12-Graphic-Organizers in the real world

A KWL Chart to understand Diabetes

I did a bit of self reading and figured out some interesting facts on diabetes; I decided to pick a few important notes and presented them in this KWL (Know-Want-Learn) chart.

Concept map

We've put together a simple concept map to capture how NYE is celebrated around the world and whats the most happening location for this New Year.

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Graphic Organizers for K12 Education

Graphic organizers are visual learning tools which facilitate the students’ ability to learn and understand better.