Concept Mapping Software

  • Simple drag and drop interface and automatic drawing to create concept maps faster.
  • 1000s of custom-built concept map templates and professional color themes to start quickly.
  • Video conferencing & live mouse tracking to collaborate in real-time with your team.

Concept Map Templates

Science Concept Map Template
Science Concept Map Template
Matter Concept Map ( States of Matter )
Matter Concept Map (States of Matter)
Marketing Presentation
Marketing Presentation Concept Map
Medical Diagnostics Concept Map
Nursing Concept Map
Business Outcome Concept Map
Business Outcome Concept Map
Concept Map Format
Concept Map Format

What Is a Concept Map?

A concept map is a graphical tool that is used to visualize the relationship among concepts. As a knowledge representation tool, concept maps help visualize any concept or idea in an easy-to-understand manner that helps with analysis and information recall. Concept maps are widely used in teaching for learning new topics, conducting research, note-taking, and analysis.

How to Create a Concept Map

  1. Choose your platform to begin drawing the concept map. While you can do this with a pencil and paper, the advantage of using an online concept mapping software like Creately is that you can quickly start with a customizable template. You can also share it with anyone to collaborate and update or revert changes anytime you want. Plus you can quickly attach the online resources or documents you find to the concept map easily.
  2. Identify the topic - this could be an idea, question, or issue - you want to map with your concept map. Do a quick brainstorming session to identify the facts, ideas, concepts, themes, queries etc. that come to your mind when you think about this central topic. You can list these down separately.
  3. Enable the Creately concept map shape library to start drawing the concept map. Start the concept map from the top and develop it downward. You can also start at the center and expand it outwards. Highlight the central topic by using a different color for it or by using a bigger node.
  4. Connect the ideas to the central topic keeping in mind that the more important the idea the closer it should be to the top or center. The connections should be accompanied by linking words or phrases that explain the relationship between the two concepts you are connecting.
  5. Look for additional crosslinks between the concepts that you have identified and add them as well.
  6. Using Creately’s professional color themes, you can quickly color code your concept map to trace how ideas are connected together.
  7. Additionally, you can drag and drop images or add links with in-app previews to make your concept map more resourceful.
  8. If you need to share your concept map, simply add collaborators to work together with them in real-time, or export your result in PNG, SVG, or PDF formats to publish or embed them in any site.

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