History Of The Internet

Brief History of the Internet – Journey of Life-Changing Digital World

A Brief History of the Internet

It took the Internet 50 years to become what it is today.

Can you believe that? Almost half a century.

But, in a way the Internet has advanced humanity far more than any other technology in history. Even the Iron age and Industrial revolution took centuries to become mature enough to develop a civilization. But, the Internet within a span of 50 years has toppled the very routine we used to live by.

Our Internet-connected smartphones are the first things that we reach out to first thing in the morning. We are almost addicted to social media, instant messaging, and on-demand online services. In other words, a life without the Internet is unimaginable.

All the facilities that the Internet is providing us today did not come together. They took their own sweet time to grow and launch. There were specific milestones in the history of the Internet that have shaped the modern digital world.

This infographic from SSL2BUY is an exploration of the history of the Internet. You will be amused to know how fast the Internet technology grew and has become a life-changing force for the entire world. Scroll down the infographic to know the Internet’s fascinating journey.

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