choosing a Halloween costume flowchart

Choose Your Halloween Costume for 2016

Choose Your Halloween Costume from these Famous Characters of 2016

Still have no clue on whom or on what your Halloween Costume should be based on for this year? Don’t worry, we can help you make the decision!

This flowchart is to help you find the most popular personality of 2016 that you should base your Halloween costume on!


The death of Harambe, the much loved gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo, shocked the world on 28th of May this year. Videos of him dragging around a three-year old boy, who fell into the gorilla enclosure, went viral, breaking the internet. The ordeal ended with the zoo officials shooting the gorilla.

The incident became a controversial issue as people started to debate on who should be held responsible for Harambe’s death.

Then, dressing as Harambe, whose death sparked debates and founded hashtags and memes on the internet, is sure to make you the center of attention. You can use the Halloween costume to pay tribute to Harambe or make your stance on the debate on his death. All in all, make sure the gorilla Halloween costume you order online is a silver-backed one (if not, go ahead and spray-paint it!)!   

Tip: You can use a 3 year old sized doll as a prop. In case you decide to stick with a real 3 year old boy, refrain from dragging him around!  


Remember how in July hordes of people, staring at their phones, started wandering around and gathering in all kinds of places. The rage Pokemon Go created certainly cannot be forgotten, especially since it got everyone (not just the geeks) really obsessed with all things Pokemon.

Dressing as Pikachu (or any of your favorite Pokemon Go characters!) would be the ideal choice of costume for this Halloween! And Pokemon Halloween costumes can easily be purchased online.

Tip: You can go to the party with someone dressed as an avatar from the game, and the two of you can play around with a Pokeball, which, another one of your friends can dress up as!

Chewbacca Mom

Who can forget the Chewbacca Mask Lady who knows how to enjoy the simpler things in life?! For those who don’t want to make a big effort on creating the costume, Chewbacca’s mom is another cool option. All you need is a Chewbacca mask and a supply of endless heartfelt laughter.

Tip: Wear a t-shirt that says MOM for emphasis. Keep on laughing at and with people all night long!

Donald Trump

Ah the Donald! 2016’s Halloween will not be right without someone dressed up as Trump! That iconic hair, the bronze tan and the red tie are what Halloween is for. It’s easy to make the Halloween costume yourself too; all you need are bronze makeup, a red tie, a black suit and a blond toupee (if you have blonde hair, that’s one less thing to worry about)!

Tip: Don’t be afraid to talk your mind all night. Being braggadocious is part of the costume!

Ken Bone

Remember the red-sweater-wearing-disposable-camera-using man who gained worldwide fame overnight? Hailed as the star of the second presidential debate, Ken Bone has become the latest personality people covet to be dressed as for Halloween 2016.

The costume is easy enough to create by yourself; all you need are a white shirt, a white silk tie, a red sweater, tan chinos, black-framed spectacles and the iconic mustache.

Tip: ditch your phone to a disposable camera and a mic. Speak to the mic when you talk to people.


Yes, you can dress up as your favorite food for Halloween! All you need is a flesh colored outfit and cooked bacon strips to hang on it.

Tip: Try not to eat the costume!

DJ Piko-Taro

Or the Pen Pineapple Apple Pen guy. Can’t say the song is listenable or makes sense in anyway, but the guy makes an exceptional personality to dress up as for Halloween. That tacky animal print suit, animal print scarf, white oxford shoes, eyeglasses and the pencil mustache are what Halloween costumes are about.

Tip: Do the weird dance while singing the weird song! Try not to get beaten up by annoyed spectators!


Of course, Beyonce! Beyonce Halloween costume is the ideal option for those who can slay all night in high heels and a decorated leotard. You can try different versions of Beyonce for this Halloween; Lemonade Beyonce is trending this season!

Tip: Make sure your Beyonce dance routine is on point before heading out!

Harley Quinn

With that blue and red makeup and shorts, white tattered t-shirt and fishnet stockings, Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn (quite different from her signature look in the DC comics), tops Google’s top-trending costume list. The costume is definitely chic and is for those who are going for a creepy but beautiful look for this Halloween.

Tip: Accompany someone dressed as Joker from Suicide Squad. And don’t forget the baseball bat with the scribbling.  


Negan is already the most hated man on earth for all the TWD fans, but the character is irresistible Halloween material, especially with that legendary barb wired baseball bat (popularly known as Lucille), red scarf, the black leather motorcycle jacket, combat boots and the gun belt.

Tip: Smash Jack o’ lanterns lying around instead of heads!

Jon Snow

It wouldn’t be Halloween without someone dressed up as a character from Game of Thrones. Now, if you are the reserved type and would like to avoid conversation with stranger and look mysterious, Jon Snow is the ideal Halloween costume choice for you.

Tip: If you have a pet dog (a husky would be ideal), you can bring him as Ghost!

Refer to the Flowchart to see which Halloween costume would be the ideal option for you!

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