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Add Moderators, Improved Context Menu, Hide Cursors and More


Add Moderators to a Workspace

Workspace owners can now add ‘Moderators’ to a workspace. Moderators have all permissions as the workspace owner, except adding or removing moderators. In a collaborative setting with a large number of team members, adding moderators will help you better organize and manage workspaces, control collaboration features like cursor and author visibility.

Hide Cursors

It is difficult to focus on the finer details, when there are too many collaborators in a workspace. Now you can simply toggle to hide cursors for yourself and others (if you are the owner or moderator of the workspace). This makes it easy for you to focus on what is important.

Enabling to Admins to Archive Org Level Folders

Admins can now archive (or unarchive) folders inside the organization even if they are not the owner of the folder. This allows Admins to actively curate folder structure for the entire organization making navigation and discovery simpler.

Hover Effect for Better Shape Navigation

Shapes will now appear highlighted when you hover over them. This allows for easier navigation in workspaces with a large number of shapes and items.

Improved Context Menu with Snap to Grid, Snap to Guide, Add Template and More

Creating perfectly aligned diagrams is now easier than ever, with ‘Show Grid’, ‘Snap to Grid’, ‘Show Guides’ and ‘Snap to Guides’ options available on the right click context menu. What’s more, you can also ‘Add a Frame’ or ‘Add from a Template’. Just right click to access all these options.