Visual Lesson Plan Templates

Visual templates for planning lessons and defining the learning trajectory

  • Organize the classroom experience for your students
  • Create a strong lesson plan that you can update for future classes
  • Develop an environment for measurable student learning

Creately helps you do this with

Pre-designed templates for lesson planning
Easy drawing and diagramming tools for extending your lesson plans
Share with others in your team for real-time collaboration and group editing
Embed and share an always updated secure diagram with the Creately Viewer in any internal web page or site

Guide and Best Practices

A lesson plan is a guide that explains in detail the teacher’s objectives in what the students will learn during the lesson and how they will learn it.

How to create a lesson plan

  • Before writing your lesson plan, get to know your students. Identify their learning styles and incorporate them throughout the lesson..
  • Create a student profile listing their needs, goals, challenges etc. You can use that information to adjust your lesson plan as necessary.
  • Make a lesson plan template that meets your requirements and that you can quickly edit. You can choose one from a range of Creately lesson plan templates.
  • Define learning outcomes and objectives of the lesson on the template. This will help you decide what you want your students to take away from the lesson.
  • Based on what the students already know, outline the main topics you wish to discuss during the lesson to your students..
  • Plan your lesson in sections that you can speed up or slow down according to the changes that may happen during the class.
  • Create a timeline as to show how each section would span over the period of the lesson. You can give a small description about each section.
  • Embed the lesson plan created in school internal website using the Creately Viewer so anyone can easily access it.