Logic Gates Software

Easily Create Logic Gate Diagrams Online

Better analyze and understand your circuit systems by effectively visualizing them with logic gate diagrams.

  • Comprehensive shape library of standard logic gate diagram symbols
  • 1000s of pre-made templates for logic gate diagrams to get a headstart
  • Real-time collaboration to work together with teams and peers
Logic Gates Software
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Easy-to-Use Visual Tools for Creating Logic Gates

Easy-to-Use Visual Tools for Creating Logic Gates

Easy-to-Use Visual Tools for Creating Logic Gates

Design any complex logic gate circuit diagram with an extensive shape library consisting of standard symbols for logic gates.

Get a head start or find inspiration with multiple pre-made logic gate diagram templates for different scenarios.

Intuitive interface with simple to use drag-drop tools to quickly design and organize circuits, however you like.

Tweak your logic gate circuits to the smallest details using advanced formatting, configurable color themes, icon libraries, and more.

Freehand drawing to sketch out initial outlines of logic gates during brainstorming sessions.


Better Understand Your Logic Gates

Better Understand Your Logic Gates

Easily import more symbols and icons to expand your logic gates from your own device or quickly browse for them using built-in Google image search.

Add detailed docs, attachments, links and more via the notes feature on each component to capture details and add granular information.

Infinite canvas that scales up to 1000s of items in a single view to have multiple circuit diagrams side by side in a single location.

Built-in tools to create dynamic and interactive presentations to easily present your logic gate diagrams to an audience.

Export your logic gate diagrams in dimensions & formats that suit your requirements. Choose from SVG, PNG, JPEG, & PDF.

Better Understand Your Logic Gates
Work Together Anywhere with Anyone

Work Together Anywhere with Anyone

Work Together Anywhere with Anyone

Real-time cursors for any number of participants. Collaborate with teams and clients on a shared canvas.

Comment with context, have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas. Link to anything with @ mentions to get immediate feedback from collaborators.

Video conferencing baked into the platform to feel like you are in the same room.

Full version history to keep track of each iteration of your circuit diagram. Branch out from an earlier version if needed at any time.

​​Embed your logic gate diagrams in any site or intranet or share with anyone via an email or link invite to collaborate on.

What are Logic Gate Diagrams?

Logic gates represent the building blocks of a digital circuit that has two inputs and one output. The basic logic gates are classified into seven types: AND gate, OR gate, XOR gate, NAND gate, NOR gate, XNOR gate, and NOT gate.

How to Draw a Logic Gate Using Creately?

  • Open Creately and create your workspace. Add your team or clients as collaborators to work together on designing your logic gate circuit diagram in real-time.
  • Open the logic gate shape library to draw the diagram by dragging and dropping the components on to the canvas. You can also choose a premade Creately logic gate diagram template that matches your requirements.
  • As you design your logic gate, you can import additional elements from your own device or search for them on the internet with Creately’s built-in Google image search.
  • Use the notes section to add further information on each element for further reference. Any link you add to a shape will have an in-app preview making it easily accessible to anyone who refers to the mockup.
  • Export your logic gate diagram as a PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG to publish or share it or embed it on any intranet or site with a secure embed link.