Creately localization

Creately in your Language

With customers from over 200 countries and more Creately goes multilingual. Creately is now available in 8 different languages, with a lot more languages to follow soon. Thanks to our translators.

Creately Diagrams for Education

Creately integrating Multiple languages

In order to support our customers across the world, we’ve made Creately multilingual by translating Creately’s interface into different languages. While previously available only in English, Creately’s interface is now available in 7 other different languages.

Easy Project Documentation

Diagrams are more Beautiful in your Lingo!

When it comes to drawing beautiful diagrams, nothing makes the experience more relevant and rewarding than doing it in your own lingo. Now you can experience the effectiveness of mindmaps, org charts, uml diagrams and a host of other diagrams in your very own language.

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Easy deciphering of the Interface

Diagramming is so easy with Creately, but this has been made easier! Creately interface is in your own language, you need not experience any inconvenience since you will know exactly where all the controls are!

Diagramming made easy

Choosing your Language with just a Click

Using Creately in your own language is as simple as starting it up. In Creately Desktop, all you need to do is to simply click on Preferences and change the language to one of the 8 languages you desire.

Take a quick screenshot tour below and learn more on how to use Creately interface will look like in your own lingo:

1-Click styling
Publish your diagrams online
Keyboard Shortcuts
Language Preferences