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A visual platform for unlimited collaboration
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Boards, Diagrams, Docs & Projects.
All connected and in the same visual space.

Great ideas don’t mean much if you can’t get them done. With Creately you can focus on innovation
AND execution. See your ideas take shape and unlock the collective intelligence of your team.

All your work. One visual platform.

    Unlimited Collaboration- Across All Teams.

    • Marketing

      • Brainstorm marketing strategies
      • Visualize and execute campaigns with the whole team
      • Multiple marketing frameworks
    • Project Management

      • Keep all project information together
      • Kanbans, Gantt charts swimlanes and more
      • Assign tasks and visually track progress
    • Software

      • Advanced diagramming for multiple modeling standards
      • Brainstorm ideas, prioritize tasks, and manage backlogs
      • Integrates into the tools you already use
    • HR

      • Visualize organizational structures
      • Create an inclusive and dynamic work culture
      • Real-time collaboration and secure sharing
    • IT & Operations

      • Professional cloud, IT and process planning tools
      • Custom visual databases for any meta-data
      • Real-time collaboration, secure sharing and access controls
    Stay in the Flow- Wherever You Go

    Stay in the Flow- Wherever You Go

    Stay in the Flow- Wherever You Go

    Remote, hybrid, sync, async. It’s not where you work, It’s how.

    Stay on the Canvas. Close Your Tabs.

    Stay on the Canvas. Close Your Tabs.

    Bring content from multiple sources into a single space.

    Pan and Zoom, view any kind of content side by side instead of switching tabs.

    Stay on the Canvas. Close Your Tabs.

    Collaboration just got an upgrade.

    Space. Users. Innovation.