Introducing Creately VIZ: AI-Powered Visual Intelligence to Transform the Way You Work

Updated on: 21 November 2023 | 4 min read
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Even in these early days of AI we are seeing just how big an impact it can have on every aspect of work. And while other tools may approach AI as something that can boost productivity or automate tasks, we see it as so much more than that. We believe that the way humans interact with AI is what will spark a new wave of innovation and that AI is here to fast-forward human creativity, not replace it.

AI should give you momentum, streamline your work, and free you up to do what you do best - solve problems, engage in complex thinking, and innovate together- like a VIZ.

Creately VIZ is here to infuse the magic of AI into the heart of creative collaboration.

Today, we are excited to launch our take on AI-powered visual intelligence - Creately VIZ. We believe VIZ is the first step to enable all teams to unlock the power of true visual intelligence. It gives teams access to insights- specific to their context and helps you play with multiple perspectives while streamlining work, finishing off tasks faster, and generally taking all the friction out of collaboration.

Creately VIZ is Built Around 4 Core Pillars

Organize: Innovation moves at the speed of thought, and for true breakthroughs to happen ideas need to come fast and quickly. But, what often happens during collaborative sessions is that teams get bogged down with the details- moving things around, shuffling through ideas, categorizing them - that’s all time that takes away from thinking clearly about a problem. With Creately VIZ you can cut down on all that busy work. Using natural language prompts you can organize stickies, group them by sentiment, summarize key points - create action items and so much more.

Generate: Creately VIZ is here to solve the blank canvas problem. You can use it as a jumping-off point to get your team thinking about solutions. It uses visual frameworks to help you see ideas better and spark creativity in a more natural and intuitive way. Simply give it context and ask VIZ for a mind map, a business model canvas, visualize process flows and much more with just a simple command.

Expand: Momentum is key for collaborative sessions. With VIZ as part of your team, you can expand on ideas- create structure to thoughts- have conversations, generate counterpoints, and much more. VIZ is a great way to stoke the flame of creativity and get your team thinking and engaged until you find solutions that fit just right.

Transform: One of the groundbreaking aspects of VIZ is the ability to transform one set of content into another seamlessly. This gives you the ability to consider multiple perspectives as you move an idea along from conception all the way to execution. Transform ‘how might we’ sessions into product briefs, visually generate the user stories for it and assign it to individual teammates-all in just a few steps.

Expert Insights Without Needing an Expert

Enabling teams to leverage visual intelligence and uncover insights is at the core of what we do here at Creately. VIZ takes this promise to the next level. You can use the power of AI to access multiple visual thinking frameworks and models without having to know how to use these frameworks. VIZ will take your content, apply it to these frameworks, and generate insights you can understand and use immediately. VIZ will conduct a risk analysis, develop the framework to create an MVP and much more.

The potential here is to use VIZ as your strategic thinking coach. This opens up a whole new way for teams to think and collaborate around challenges.

Early Access to Creately VIZ on Microsoft Teams

Creately VIZ will be available to all Miscrosoft Teams users and comes with a host of features specifically created for the platform. Convert conversations from channels into visuals with a simple ‘@creately’ command, automate follow-ups, and elevate brainstorming with AI-boosted templates. Creately VIZ is available on Microsoft Teams meetings and can summarize action points of meetings, help plan projects together and so much more.

The integration is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing workflow, making collaboration more intuitive and powerful than ever.

Roll Out Plan

Creately VIZ is now available in beta on all of our paid user plans. Many of the functionalities listed here are ready in their early state and we will continue to ship updates to VIZ as we bring it out of beta targeting Q1 2024.

The Future is Visual

Creately VIZ is your creative companion that makes work feel more like a conversation than a chore. We are super excited to usher in this new era of collaboration and can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Join over thousands of organizations that use Creately to brainstorm, plan, analyze, and execute their projects successfully.

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