Female Entrepreneurs Inforgraphic

Why Are There So Few Female Entrepreneurs

You might think the gap between female and male entrepreneurs has been closing, but the fact is that the gap is still very much there. It’s not surprising that there is such a gap in male & female start-up owners when there is a huge gender pay gap crisis going on. 

Unfortunately, men typically still like to back and invest in male start-ups over female start-ups. This naturally means that there are more men in start-up businesses and at the top, while there are still a limited number of women to even reach the start-up stage, never mind high up women to back women. If men only want to invest in other males, how do women succeed in starting their own business?

It’s not all doom and gloom though, we’ve made great progress in the UK and America. But the figures in the below infographic from Total Processing remind us to keep pushing to close these gender gaps.

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