Companies That Dominates Google Search

The 16 Companies that Dominate Google Results [Infographic]

What if someone is to tell you that the Google rankings you want to get for yourself are actually controlled ‘by just three hands full of companies?’ According to the research done by Glen Allsopp, that is exactly the case!

The infographic above illustrates the 16 companies that dominate Google search results for the most popular industries, such as technology, food, software, automotive, health etc.

In his blog post, Glen points out how these well-renowned companies use their online authority and the online authority of the popular brands that operate under them, to get new brands they launch to rank well and generate traffic.

For example, by IAC was able to gain 3.6 million visitors within a few weeks after its launch. The secret to their online success was the links they gained from authoritative sites such as and its sub-domains. And if you haven’t figured it out already, IAC owns!

Likewise, many popular companies use the online fame of their online brands, which already enjoy significant online authority, to help each other and new brands they launch dominate Google search results!

Or to put it in other words, most brands that rank well in search results are owned by 16 companies.

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