Press Releases

Sept 22nd 2010 - Creately named Top 10 Apps in Asia - Press Release (pdf

Sept 17th 2010 - Creately turns One with a major update to its collaborative diagramming platform - Press Release (pdf)

June 14th 2010 - Creately brings diagramming to the FogBugz platform - Press Release (pdf)

Apr 9th 2010 - Creately takes aim at Small Business teams - Press Release (pdf)

Dec 12th 2009 - Cinergix sets up Sri Lankan office in Orion City IT Park - Press Release (pdf)

Nov 2009 - Creately releases new Team Projects
See our blog post for more on this release.

Creately Team Projects

Sep 8th 2009 - Creately Launched with Name your Price Plans - Press Release (pdf)

July 22nd - Cinergix announced new look Creately with collaboration for all - Press Release (pdf)

Attachment - Screen Capture of new look Creately (png), Screen Capture of new look Creately (psd).

Creately new look


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