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Creately for SWOT Analysis Templates

Creately is an online collaborative diagram software for creating free SWOT diagrams to analyze the internal and external factors that may affect your business.

Free SWOT Analysis Template

  • Easy to use web interface to edit & create SWOT templates
  • Ready-made templates for online SWOT diagrams
  • Easy online collaboration with shared team projects
  • Multiple version support so you'll never lose your SWOT diagrams
  • 1- Click to Share, Export and Publish your SWOT diagrams online
  • No installs or downloads. Access from anywhere, anytime- works in your browser
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Online SWOT Analysis Templates

SWOT Analysis Templates for analyzing your business

Drag-n-drop a SWOT Template from the Creately's library; add the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to get an one-stop diagrammatic view of your business performance.

Collaborative SWOT Diagrams

Create and Collaborate on SWOT Diagrams online

Create a SWOT chart online, then invite your business or project teams to review, comment and update the SWOT diagram. Now, no more powerpoint SWOT Analysis templates to mess with or waste your time on.

Share SWOT Diagram

1-Click Share, Export & Print your SWOT Diagrams

Share your completed SWOT Diagram with your business team. Publish them online making it easier for the entire business team to work on it. You can also export your SWOT diagram as an image in JPEG or PNG, or in PDF for printing, all with just 1-click.

Customizable SWOT Templates

Basic Shapes to design your own SWOT Template

Pre-loaded with hundreds of customizable shapes. With the 1-click styling features you can now drag and drop these shapes to create your own SWOT Template in minutes. Or let us know what you want, we'll create them for you!

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