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Diagram Usage

Business Plan Templates | Business Plan Presentation

Business plan templates to develop your strategy and action plan. Business plan examples and samples to use in your PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, etc.

Root Cause Analysis Tools Templates

Root cause analysis tools to identify the causal factors and the origin of problems. Use instantly editable root cause analysis templates to get started with your team.

Six Thinking Hats Technique | Six Thinking Hats Examples

Six Thinking Hats Examples to help you do productive brainstorming. Learn about the Six Thinking Hats Technique and use six thinking hats templates to get a headstart.

Folder Structure Diagram Tool to Organize Folders

Folder structure diagram tool for planning your organization’s folder structure and for arranging folders. Find a suitable folder structure template to match your needs and edit it online.

Event Planning Templates | Event Planning Tools

Event planning templates to help organize and plan your events. Multiple event planning templates to choose from and edit online.

Project Schedule Template | Project Schedule Examples

Project schedule template to plan and schedule your project tasks collaboratively with your team. Choose from expertly designed project schedule examples and customize them to fit your needs.

Employee Training Plan Templates | Training Plan

Employee training plan templates to help employees improve their performance in their job roles. Multiple training plan templates to edit online.

Empathy Map Templates | Empathy Mapping

Empathy map templates to help understand users, their needs and goals. Multiple editable empathy map templates to choose from and edit online.

BCG Matrix Examples | Growth Share Matrix

BCG matrix examples to identify which product units you should invest in and prioritize. Multiple BCG matrix templates to collaborate on with your team.

Customer Journey Mapping Templates to Improve Customer Experience

Customer journey mapping tool to visualize the customer’s experience with your organization. Multiple customer journey map templates to edit online.

Action Plan Template | Action Plan Example

Action plan template to identify goals and process steps and plan your action plan with your team. Multiple action plan examples to choose from and edit.

Science Fair Board Layout | Science Fair Project Boards

Science fair board layout to design your science fair project boards. Organize your experiment’s information in a presentation-worthy manner with Creately science fair project board templates.

Service Blueprint Templates | Service Blueprint Examples

Service blueprint templates to help explain how a service works from the service provider’s point of view. Multiple service blueprint examples to start with.

Brainstorming Tools | Brainstorming Techniques

Brainstorming tools to help you collaboratively generate ideas with your team online. Multiple brainstorming templates including mind maps and various other brainstorming charts.

Procurement Management Tools and Techniques | Procurement Process

Procurement management tools and techniques to streamline and optimize your procurement process. Multiple procurement planning templates to choose from and edit online.

Supply Chain Management Tools | Supply Chain Examples

Supply chain management tools to design and develop activities to carry out your value chain process. Multiple editable supply chain management examples and templates.

Career Planning Templates for HRM Teams

Career planning templates to help employees select career goals and identify paths to achieving them. Multiple editable career planning templates that are perfect for HRM teams.

Strategic Planning Tools | Strategic Planning Templates

Strategic planning tools to plan and carry out its long-term strategic goals. Multiple strategic planning templates to choose from and edit online.

Patient Journey Mapping | Patient Journey Mapping Templates

Patient journey mapping templates to map your patient’s journey. Multiple editable patient journey mapping templates to choose from.

Six Sigma Tools | Six Sigma Templates

Six Sigma tools to improve processes, products or services by identifying and eliminating defects. Multiple Six Sigma templates to choose from and edit online.