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Diagram Usage

SCAMPER Examples | SCAMPER Technique

SCAMPER examples to collaborate with your team to generate unique ideas to improve your products and services. Learn how to use the SCAMPER technique step-by-step.

Instructional Design Examples Process

Instructional design examples to help you design and develop educational and training programs for your employees/ students. Learn what the instructional design process is along with instructional design models.

VRIO Analysis Examples | VRIO Framework

VRIO analysis examples to evaluate your company resources and identify your competitive advantage. Many more VRIO framework examples to analyze your organization’s internal environment.

UX Research Methods | User Experience Testing

UX research methods to facilitate and simplify your user experience research process. Customer journey mapping, user personas, service blueprints and more visual UX research tools to start with.

Research Data Analysis Methods | Research Analysis Examples

Visual research data analysis methods to illustrate, evaluate, summarize and present research data. Graphically represent your research data with different diagram types that you can add to your PowerPoint presentations and Word docs.

Graphic Organizers for Writing | Graphic Organizer Maker

Graphic organizers for writing to instantly edit online and share with your peers. Mind maps, concept maps, Venn diagrams and many more graphic organizer templates to help you start writing your essays, stories etc.

Task Analysis Examples | Task Analysis Template

Task analysis examples to help you accelerate the process of breaking down and examining a task. Process maps, flowcharts, task list templates and more to help you get a quick start.

Decision Tree Examples | Decision Tree Analysis

Decision tree examples to help you make well-informed decisions faster. Invite your team to provide their input in selecting better solutions with Creately’s real-time collaboration features. Export your decision tree diagrams as PDFs or images to include in your PPT presentations or Word docs.

Balanced Scorecard Examples | Balanced Scorecard Templates

Balanced scorecard examples to communicate your strategy to your stakeholders and employees. Choose from various balanced scorecard templates to edit online and export in PDF, PNG or SVG image formats.

SIPOC Templates | SIPOC Examples

SIPOC templates to visualize your project processes. Multiple SIPOC examples to give your team a high-level overview of your project. Image and PDF export options to add to your presentations and documents.

Decision-Making Tools | Decision-Making Techniques

Decision-making tools and techniques to help you make well-informed decisions faster. Multiple decision-making methods with templates and examples to choose from.

Service Catalogue Examples | Service Catalogue Template

Service catalog examples to identify, categorize and display the services provided by your company. Professionally-designed service catalog templates that you can customize to your company’s needs.

Business Model Canvas Template | Business Model Canvas Examples

Business model canvas template to examine your business model with your key business partners. Export your business model canvas as a PDF or image or add it in your PowerPoint presentations and Word documents.

Stakeholder Analysis Examples | Stakeholder Analysis Template

Stakeholder analysis examples and templates to identify stakeholders and analyze their needs. Power/ Interest grid, stakeholder analysis matrix and more stakeholder analysis examples.

User Story Mapping | User Story Template

User story mapping tool and user story templates to help you understand your user and their interaction with your product or service. Multiple user story map examples and templates to choose from.

Mood Board Templates | Mood Board Examples

Mood board templates to visualize and plan your next creative project. Multiple mood board examples to choose from and edit online.

Business Plan Templates | Business Plan Presentation

Business plan templates to develop your strategy and action plan. Business plan examples and samples to use in your PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, etc.

Root Cause Analysis Tools Templates

Root cause analysis tools to identify the causal factors and the origin of problems. Use instantly editable root cause analysis templates to get started with your team.

Six Thinking Hats Technique | Six Thinking Hats Examples

Six Thinking Hats Examples to help you do productive brainstorming. Learn about the Six Thinking Hats Technique and use six thinking hats templates to get a headstart.

Folder Structure Diagram Tool to Organize Folders

Folder structure diagram tool for planning your organization’s folder structure and for arranging folders. Find a suitable folder structure template to match your needs and edit it online.