Diagram Usage

RATER Model | RATER Model of Service Quality

Analyze and measure customer expectations and experience with the RATER model. Interactive online templates to get a headstart on collaborating with your team and stakeholders.

Weisbord’s Six Box Model | Organizational Development Models

Analyze and understand the performance of your organization using the Weisboard’s Six box model. Interactive online templates that you can use for presentations, documentation, and collaboration.

Idea Board Online | Idea Board Template

Online idea board to collaborate on generating new ideas with your team in real-time. Pre-made templates to get a head start.

Hedgehog Concept | Hedgehog Concept Template

Collaborate with stakeholders to identify the one thing your organization is good at with the hedgehog concept by Jim Collins. Visual hedgehog concept diagram templates to start right away.

Keller’s Brand Equity Model | Brand Pyramid

Learn how to build a strong brand with Keller’s brand equity model. Editable templates and examples to help you as you collaborate with your team on building brand equity.

Lesson Plan Templates | Lesson Planning Tool

Lesson plan templates to help you define your lesson objectives and plan your lessons. Multiple editable lesson plan templates to choose from.

Meeting Planning Templates | Meeting Organizer

Meeting planning templates to organize effective meetings in your company. Many meeting planning templates including meeting schedule templates and meeting agenda templates.

Value Chain Model | Value Chain Templates

Create value chain models to create value for your customers and optimize your value creation process. Multiple professional value chain model templates to get started with.

ADL Matrix | ADL Matrix Template

ADL matrix by Arthur D. Little to collaborate with your team on analyzing the competitive position of your business and develop effective business strategies. Download ADL matrix templates as PDF, SVG or PNG for printing and publishing.

Team Charter Template and Examples

Team Charter Templates to quickly illustrate the direction and objectives of your team. Collaborate in real-time with your team and download your team charters as PDFs, SVGs, PNGs and more for publishing and sharing.

Communications Plan | Communications Plan Template

Communications plan templates to help you get a headstart on developing your communications strategy. Collaborate in real-time on developing communications plans and share them with stakeholders for their instant feedback.

Porter’s Five Forces Model | Porter’s Five Forces Template

Collaborate effectively on analyzing the profit potential of your industry with Porter’s five forces model. Free templates to collaborate with your team and download options for printing, sharing and publishing.

SOAR Analysis | SOAR Analysis Template

Collaborate on identifying strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results in relation to your organization with editable SOAR analysis templates. Download them or share them with stakeholders with PNG, JPEG, SVG, and PDF export.

TOWS Matrix | TOWS Matrix Template

Identify your organization’s strategic options with editable TOWS matrix and SWOT analysis templates. Collaborate with your team to generate effective strategies.

Business Analysis Tools | Business Analysis Process

Business analysis tools to identify business needs and find solutions to business problems. Multiple editable business analysis examples and templates to choose from.

Lean UX Canvas | Lean UX Process

Lean UX canvas to help your build user-centric products quickly. Multiple lean UX canvas templates that you can collaborate on with your team in real-time.

Milestone Chart Templates | Timeline Templates

Milestone chart templates and timeline templates to plan and manage projects. Multiple editable milestone chart templates to choose from.

Star Interview Method | Star Method

Templates and examples to help you carry out the star interview method in preparation for the upcoming interviews. Learn how to come up with clear and concise answers to interview questions with the star method.

Meeting Notes Template | Meeting Minutes Template

Save time reorganizing your meeting notes with premade meeting notes templates that are instantly editable. Edit and share with the rest of your team with a single diagram share link.

Impact Effort Matrix | Impact Effort Matrix Template

Prioritize the project work you have to do with instantly editable impact effort matrix templates. Collaborate on brainstorming and share with stakeholders for instant feedback with inline comments