Diagram Usage

GROW Model Template | GROW Coaching Model

GROW model template to structure your coaching session. Outline the goals, obstacles, opportunities and action steps quickly with Creately. Download your GROW model template as an image or PDF for presentations.

Skill Will Matrix | Skill Will Matrix Template

Skill will matrix to assess the level of skill and willingness of your employees to get their work done. Many editable skill will matrix templates and other tools for employee training and performance evaluation.

Sales Plan Template | Sales Plan Example

Sales plan template to outline your sales objectives and develop your sales strategy. Sales plan examples, sales strategy templates, action plan templates and more to facilitate your sales planning process.

Eisenhower Matrix Template | Eisenhower Box

Eisenhower matrix template to prioritize, plan and organize your tasks. Many more eisenhower boxes and matrix examples to create daily and weekly planners.

Scenario Planning Templates | Scenario Planning Examples

Scenario planning templates to help you predict and analyze possible future conditions that may affect your organization with your team. Edit and export scenario planning examples to add to your Powerpoint presentations and Word docs.

Culturagram | Culturagram Template

Culturagram to help you study families that come from different cultural backgrounds. Culturagram templates and examples, and many other social work assessment tools to choose from.

Math Graphic Organizers | Visual Teaching Aids for Maths

Math graphic organizers and many other visual teaching aids for maths. Simplify math concepts and quickly solve maths problems with visual templates that can be instantly edited online.

Conceptual Framework Examples | Conceptual Framework Templates

Conceptual framework examples to visualize the flow of your research. Editable conceptual framework templates that you can download and add to Powerpoint presentations or embed in blogs or websites.

Sequence Charts | Sequence Graphic Organizer

Sequence charts and sequence graphic organizers to visualize the logical order of steps in a process, event or concept. Draw and export your sequence chart as an image or PDF to add to your Powerpoint presentations or Word docs.

Weekly Planner Template | Weekly Planner Online

Weekly planner template to plan and manage your weekly schedule. Track and update the progress of your weekly plan with Creately week planner templates that you can edit online, print or download.

Brainstorming Templates | Brainstorming Examples

Brainstorming templates to help you generate new ideas and solve problems individual or in group brainstorming session. Many brainstorming charts and maps to edit and export as images, PDFs or SVGs.

Environmental Scanning Techniques | Environmental Scanning Tools

Environmental scanning techniques to help you examine the internal and external environment of your organization. Identify trends that can affect your strategic planning with editable SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis templates.

Ansoff Matrix Examples | Ansoff Model

Ansoff matrix examples to help you plan for your strategic growth. Collaborate with your team in figuring out a strategic growth option for your product. Export your Ansoff Matrix as a PDF or PPT template.

Steeple Analysis Example Template

STEEPLE analysis template to examine the external factors affecting your organization. Collaborate in real-time with your team when completing the diagram and export it as images to add in your PowerPoint presentations and Word docs.

Strategic Analysis Tools | Strategic Analysis Examples

Strategic analysis tools to map out the current situation of your organization and plan for the future growth. Learn how to do a strategic analysis process with visual templates.

Force Field Analysis Examples | Force Field Analysis Template

Force field analysis examples to identify and review forces for and against implementing change in your organization. Expertly-designed force field analysis templates to edit and export online.

SCAMPER Examples | SCAMPER Technique

SCAMPER examples to collaborate with your team to generate unique ideas to improve your products and services. Learn how to use the SCAMPER technique step-by-step.

Instructional Design Examples Process

Instructional design examples to help you design and develop educational and training programs for your employees/ students. Learn what the instructional design process is along with instructional design models.

VRIO Analysis Examples | VRIO Framework

VRIO analysis examples to evaluate your company resources and identify your competitive advantage. Many more VRIO framework examples to analyze your organization’s internal environment.

UX Research Methods | User Experience Testing

UX research methods to facilitate and simplify your user experience research process. Customer journey mapping, user personas, service blueprints and more visual UX research tools to start with.