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Diagram Usage

Story Map | Story Map Graphic Organizer

Story map graphic organizer templates and examples to quickly organize stories you are studying or writing. Download them as SVGs, PNGs or JPEGs for publishing.

Learning Map | Learning Map Template

Learning map templates and examples to organize ideas and information in lessons. Many other graphic organizer templates for writing, reading and note taking.

Talent Mapping | Talent Mapping Template

Assess your current staff capabilities and skills with talent mapping templates. Download templates for performance-potential matrix, organizational charts, SWOT analysis, candidate personas and more.

Employee Journey Mapping | Employee Experience

Improve your employee experience by mapping out the employee journey to identify areas for improvement. Employee journey maps, candidate journey maps, and more.

Business Capability Map | Capability Map Template

Streamline creating business capability maps with Creately. Intuitive interface with standard shape libraries and capability map templates to get a headstart.

Persuasion Map | Persuasive Writing

Persuasive map examples to help you simplify your persuasive writing process. More templates for graphic organizers for writing, essay planning templates and more.

Hierarchy Charts | Hierarchy Diagrams

Hierarchy charts to visualize the hierarchical structure of elements in a system or concept or organizations. Templates for hierarchy diagrams, organizational diagrams work breakdown structures and more.

Visual Teaching Techniques | Methods for Effective Teaching

Innovative teaching techniques to simplify lessons and present information effectively. Templates for lesson plans, mind maps, T charts, graphic organizers and more.

Sociogram Examples | Sociogram Maker

Sociogram examples for visualizing and understanding social relationships. More templates for culturagrams, genograms, and ecomaps.

Human Resource Diagrams | Human Resource Planning

Human resource diagrams to simplify and facilitate your human resource management and planning processes. Recruitment process templates, organizational charts, skill inventory templates and more.

Biography Graphic Organizers | Biography Research

Biography graphic organizers to collect and record information on famous characters you are studying. Many graphic organizer templates to carry out biography research.

5 Why Analysis | 5 Whys Template

Step-by-step guide to learn how to conduct a 5 why analysis. Editable 5 whys templates you can use to find root causes to issues collaboratively with your team.

Asset Mapping | Community Asset Mapping

Asset mapping templates to help you record community information. Gather, organize and analyze needed data on community citizens, institutions and relationships.

Impact Mapping | Impact Mapping Example

Impact mapping for effective strategic business planning. Collaborate with your team on setting goals and developing strategies with impact mapping templates.

Account Maps | Account Mapping Template

Account maps to visualize relationships between the key decision-makers of your sales or marketing account. Editable account mapping templates, sales plan templates and more.

Problem Solving Tools | Problem Solving Techniques

Problem solving tools with editable visual templates to find possible solutions collaboratively. 5 whys diagrams, fishbone diagrams, process maps and more problem solving templates.

Project Charter Template Visual | Project Charter Example

Project charter template to outline your project goal, scope, roles, responsibilities and implementation plan. Visual one-page project charters that are ideal for presentations.

Innovation Techniques Process

Innovation techniques with editable visual templates for research, creativity and product development. Learn what the innovation process is and generate innovative ideas for products and services.

Kapferer Brand Identity Prism Template

Kapeferer brand identity prism templates to visualize the elements that make up your brand and develop a solid brand identity with your team. More visual templates like brand essence wheel, brand equity model and more.

Ecomap Template | Ecomap Example

Ecomap template to visualize your clients relationships with external entities. Choose from pre-drawn ecomaps, family trees, genograms and more to help with your social work assessment.