Diagram Usage

Heart Framework Template | Heart Framework

Get a more in-depth understanding of successful UX design with the HEART framework. Use editable templates to measure the effectiveness of your user experience and make changes accordingly.

Lean Coffee Framework | Lean Coffee Template

Collaborate with your team online and run a Lean Coffee meeting where team members decide what they would like to discuss and decide on a collaborative action plan accordingly.

Strategic Group Map | Strategic Group Map Template

Collaborate with your team online on visualizing and evaluating the competitive position of your industry rivals to develop better market strategies. Premade templates, real-time collaboration and diagramming capabilities, & more to easily create a strategic group map.

Value Net Model | Value Net Analysis

Identify the key players in your industry and make well-informed strategic decisions using the value net model. Premade templates, real-time collaboration capabilities and an infinite canvas for strategic planning.

3 Horizons Model | 3 Horizons of Growth

Visualize your current business needs while allowing for growth and expansion in the future. Use the 3 horizons model to strategically think about business opportunities.

RICE Framework Template | RICE Prioritisation

Visualize all the tasks you need to complete and assign a score to them using the RICE framework. The scores help you determine how to prioritize your work based on how important each task is.

Bowman's Strategy Clock | Strategy Clock Template

Visualize, analyze, and discuss your positioning within a market based on price and perceived value with Bowman’s strategy clock. Editable interactive online templates to start with.

Employee Engagement Action Plan | Employee Engagement Plan Template

Successfully plan your employee engagement initiatives with employee engagement action plans. Premade templates, real-time collaboration, intuitive canvas, and more.

Grand Strategy Matrix | Grand Strategy Matrix Template

Develop feasible strategies with the grand strategy matrix. Collaborate in real-time with your team using interactive online templates, real-time editing, infinite canvas, and more.

Operating Model Canvas | Operating Model Canvas Template

Convert strategies into operational models with the operating model canvas. Online editable operating model canvas templates for conducting collaborative planning sessions with your team.

Rose Bud Thorn | Rose Bud Thorn Template

Collaborate with your team online on evaluating your projects, events, efforts, or even days in terms of what worked, what didn’t, and what needs to be improved with the rose bud thorn exercise. Editable templates and powerful collaboration capabilities.

Hook Model Template | Online Hook Model

Use the hook model template to identify triggers that make customers constantly return to using your product or service.

Cynefin Framework Template | Online Cynefin Framework

Visualize complex problems with Cynefin Framework templates and make better, more informed decisions.

App Development Canvas | App Development Template

Create a plan to execute your app development process with the app development canvas. Prioritize efforts amongst your team and keep track of progress as you go.

Experiment Canvas | Experiment Canvas Template

Collaborate in real-time with your team and design effective experiments with our editable experiment canvas template.

Johari Window | Johari WindowTemplate

Collaborate in real-time and improve team communication and trust with editable Johari Window templates

Project Organizational Chart | Project Organizational Chart Templates

Visualize project team structures, assign responsibilities, and allocate resources with premade project organizational chart templates.

Requirements Breakdown Structure | Requirements Breakdown Structure Template

Visualize, organize, and analyze project requirements with editable requirements breakdown structure templates. Share with your team and collaborate in real-time.

Reverse Brainstorming | Reverse Brainstorming Template

Collaborate in real-time with your team on solving-problems and brainstorming with ready-made reverse brainstorming templates.

Product-Market Fit Canvas | Product-Market Fit Generator

Infinite canvas, editable online templates, and real-time collaboration for planning, strategizing, and designing new products and easily identifying product-market fit.