Do inspired marketing with simple, visual collaboration.

Enable high impact marketing. Use visual tools to brainstorm, analyze, plan and perfect ideas and concepts. Collaborate with complete clarity, and inspire your marketing team.

Plan marketing strategies & campaigns

Map out strategies, identify new opportunities visually. Collaborate across functions and define detailed execution plans.

Value proposition canvas

Porter’s five forces

SWOT Diagram

PEST analysis template

User Persona Template

Marketing workflow diagram

Content marketing workflow

Manage your web presence & funnels

Visualize your website structure, processes and funnels. Creately’s simpler tools enable quick review and redesign, while keeping everyone in-sync.

User flow diagram

Customer journey map

Lead qualification flowchart

Capture and communicate research findings

Collect data and collaborate to brainstorm, discuss and analyse ideas and concepts. Arrive at conclusions, present useful information, communicate research findings using visual tools.

Decision tree diagram

Digital marketing mind map

Use case overview

Communication matrix

Branding and positioning

Assess the current competition, markets and environments. Collaborate on developing the brand and define market position. Discuss and assess the current brand and re-position.

Brand identity prism

Brand Perception map

Brand equity model

Market segmentation chart