FogBugz Installation Help

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Thank you for downloading Creately for FogBugz.

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Installation Instructions

Installing Creately for FogBugz is simple and will only take a minute. Remember you will need administrative privileges on your Fogbugz Installation to complete these instructions.

Creately for FogBugz requires FogBugz 7.0 or later. Visit for upgrades.

  1. If you haven't already done so, Download Creately for Fogbugz. Older versions are here.

  2. In your FogBugz installation, click on the drop-down Admin menu on your top right, and select Plugins. This will display a list of installed plugins on your Fogbugz server. Click on Upload Plugin, browse for the downloaded Creately zip file and click OK to upload it.

    Upload Creately Fogbugz Plugin
  3. Your Creately for FogBugz Plugin is now installed. To begin using Creately for FogBugz, you'll need to activate your plugin here.

    Creately for FogBugz plugin