Setting Expectations for Your WFH Team

Last Updated Apr 2022
Setting Expectations for Your WFH Team

Like with any other team, setting clear expectations is essential to managing a team that works from home. It’s important for their growth as well as for setting the right direction for them. Failing to do so will undermine their performance and negatively impact the relationships and collaboration between them.

Here’s how you can effectively set and manage expectations that will allow your team to excel at what they do best.

Clarify roles and responsibilities

Clarify roles and responsibilities of each team member

If these are not already documented, start from the beginning and do so. Everyone should be aware of their responsibilities and obligations and how what they do contributes to the overall goal of the organization.

Set clear goals for everyone

Set clear goals for everyone

Whether for the week, month or quarter, clarify the work that they are expected to complete. It should be the responsibility of the team lead to discuss their workload and decide on deadlines. Simplify this by using a task management tool like Favro or Asana.

Share team expectations

Share what the company/ team expects from each other

When you are part of a team/ organization, there are certain norms you should follow. These norms need to be clearly established within the team. For example, decide on a time period when all team members are supposed to be available, or how anyone can be reached if they are not available on chat for something urgent (i.e. via phone call).

Provide regular feedback

Provide regular feedback

Leads should regularly give meaningful feedback on how their teams are performing. This can include comments on what they have done to achieve their goals, what they have done well, and where they have to improve. Set up a proper process for these one-on-one feedback sessions on a weekly or monthly basis. Also encourage you team members to give feedback to each other.

Share personal expectations

Encourage the team to share their personal expectations as well

Setting expectations should be a two-way process to be effective. By allowing the team to discuss what their personal working preferences are, will help reach a middle ground where everyone gets what they want. If someone prefers a phone call to messaging, others can respect that.

Be transparent

Make transparency a part of your team culture

Starting with the team leads, everyone should be encouraged to be honest and open. If you are making a major decision that will affect the company/ team, let everyone know. Building transparency is key to ensure all employees feel included and confident to share their own opinions and concerns.