Use of Venn Diagrams to draw logical relationships among sets

As most of you already know, with the help of Venn Diagrams, you can arrange all your abstract ideas easily. They’re excellent when it comes to making comparisons between groups of things. Venn diagrams are usually used for solving Math problems which demand logical thinking and deductive reasoning, thus Venn diagrams acts as an important tool in K-12 Education. Venn diagrams do not just restrict its use to classroom learning, but also used extensively in other disciplines. It’s a great tool for organizing, evaluating and representing complex relationships visually.

Venn diagrams are a type of graphic organizer which consists of overlapping circles. Some even refer to it as the Overlapping Circles Chart. We’ve compiled a collection of quick and simple Venn diagrams to illustrate logical relationships from various disciplines :

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Learn How Creately Diagrams works