Templates should be just one word - Awesome

Now you can pick from over 75 templates where every single one is optimized so that you can customize it just the way you want. What makes a great template are a few simple things. For one, it should be a simple design, minus the bells and whistles, which makes it easy to work with. Secondly, templates should be customized easily, so the logos, font-styles, module layouts and color schemes could be easily changed around. Thirdly, “generic” but “unique” are two words that a designer should consider when coming up with new designs. This way users get to customize a template for a myriad of uses. Last but not least, templates need to be damn pretty. After all, this is what design is all about, being visually scintillating.

To see what we mean, check out some of our templates below.

The Creately Blog template

A Contact Form template

The Twitter template

Image from - http://www.kollewin.com/blog/website-template

Learn How Creately Diagrams works

Learn How Creately Diagrams works