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How to Use Swim Lanes in Process Mapping to Improve Clarity

How important are swim lanes in process mapping? Although it's not essential to have them in your process map or flowchart they can add clarity to the process by quickly highlighting who is...

Business Flowcharts (Flowchart Ideas for Small Businesses)

Business flowchart helps to understand complex business processes easily. Its the logical sequence of a process illustrated graphically. They help you communicate how processes work; map out logical...

6 Useful Flowchart Tips to Create Better Flowcharts

Drawing flowcharts can be a challenging task unless you know how to create them. But, if you've understood the basic principles, flowcharts are fairly simple things.

Analyzing Sales Funnel with Flowcharts

Filtering out the qualified customers from the less qualified is a hard task to begin with! But the job is well taken care of by the sales funnel. Sales funnel/pipeline acts as a strainer to direct qualified buyers through the sales process.

Flowcharts for Strategic Decision Making

Our decision making skills are put to good use to solve problems and make choices. Making a decision implies choosing one course of action that has the highest probability of success from several alternative choices.

Case Study - FlutterScape

Visual communication is one of the best ways of conveying abstract ideas across to the team. Takehiro Kakiyama, Co-founder and CEO of FlutterScape, had to visualize the business model, website eco-system and other logic to his team and clients. Having used PowerPoint initially, he wasn't too happy.