Producing effective ideas with Mind Maps!

It is the basic premise to state that every single project kicks off with a basic idea; and these ideas usually evolve into viable projects only after an intense round of brainstorming. More often than not, there’s a gap that exists between the initial idea and the project execution; this gap is usually filled typically by brainstorming. The latter can take various forms, some of you might have the practice of writing down ideas; while others might use Mind Maps to visually arrange their ideas.

As most of you know, mind mapping is a fun exercise which helps you capture and visualize ideas to gain insights of the business project. Mind Maps are proven to be the most effective productivity tool used widely today, and this has a significant impact on the performance of businesses! 

Mind Maps start with an idea in mind, and from this central idea many related topics branch out creating interconnections. Here are a collection of five best Mind Maps! 

1. Performance of Objects

This is a quick mind map to illustrate the various reasons affecting the successful completion of projects.

2. Promotional Campaign

When planning a promotional campaign a number of stages will be followed. This Mind Map presents six stages which will get your campaign off to the right start.

3. Website Design

Mind Maps are of great visual aids to help web developers and designers to brainstorm on website layout. What is shown here is a simple Mind Map with the layout for a Software Consultancy company.

4. Pricing Model

Pricing is an important strategic issue because it is related to product positioning. Therefore, it’s essential to have the right pricing model for your business! This is a really interesting Mind Map example depicting the various parts of a Pricing Model.

5. Risk Management

The main aim of project risk management is something that can be looked upon as minimizing potential risks while at the same time maximizing potential opportunities. This is a Mind Map with the many different processes that are involved in Risk Management, and subsequently the different techniques that are adopted for the aim of minimizing risks.

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Learn How Creately Diagrams works