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Frequently Asked Questions - Creately Desktop

Do I need a subscription?

Yes, all you need is a valid account to connect from your desktop.

What is Diagrams Anywhere?

The Diagrams Anywhere feature/service synchronizes your diagrams between and your desktop. Synchronization happens even when your diagrams are updated by another collaborator.

What do I need to run Creately Desktop?

To run Creately Desktop you'll need a copy of Adobe Air installed on your computer. When downloading Creately Desktop, you will get an automated request to download Adobe Air as well. When you click the download button, it will automatically be installed first, followed by Creately Desktop. If you do have Adobe Air make sure you have the right version before installing Creately Desktop. If you would like to read more about Adobe Air you can do so here. You should also make sure that you agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA) before installing the Creately Desktop application.

Where will all my diagrams be stored?

All the diagrams you create with Creately Desktop will be stored in your computer. When using Diagrams Anywhere they will also be synchronized with the servers.

Can I see all my diagrams?

Yes, you can. When Diagrams Anywhere is active your diagrams will automatically be sync'ed to the servers. When the diagrams have been sync'ed you can collaborate on them in the usual manner and share and publish your diagrams straight from Creately Desktop.

Will all the shared diagrams still be available when I'm offline?

You'll always have the latest versions of all the diagrams available on your desktop. Changes you make to them when you are offline will be automatically sync'ed when you next have Internet access.

Is the license bound to a Computer or a Person?

The license is bound to the installed computer. The Creately user account can be changed within Creately Desktop preferences so multiple Creately users can share the same installation on a single computer.

Where is the Creately Desktop End User License Agreement (EULA)?

The EULA is available here. Also, make sure you do read our Terms of Service as well.