Wrapping Up an Exciting Year

It’s the end of 2017 and its been a great year for Creately. Millions of diagrams were worked and collaborated on, thousands of high quality templates were shared and contributed to the Creately community by passionate users like you!

On the product delivery front, we made a major update to the Creately Mobile App which enables a new level of collaboration for our users on the go. We rebuilt our embeddable diagram viewer from the ground up to work significantly better. The viewer now delivers infinitely zoomable, sharp images that can be embedded anywhere securely and accessed on any device. The new diagram viewer includes a supercharged method to link diagrams together enabling for a brand new set of use cases.

We really want to make sure that you can share and embed your diagrams wherever that you need to and the updated diagram viewer is a major step in that direction.

Our team also created 100+ blog posts and guides that detailed diagramming and visual communication ideas and best practices. These posts have great actionable ideas and insights. Be sure to check them out if you missed some.

However, all this aside, the most exciting thing that we’ve been working on this year is the thing that you didn’t get to see (yet!). We’ve been working on full stealth mode on the next major update to diagramming itself, as we promised at the beginning of the year. We have progressed well through our plans and we are super excited about what we have to show you in 2018.

The work we’ve done this year have resulted most significant set of defining and fundamental changes in the history of Creately. All of you who use Creately to communicate and collaborate visually are going to love what’s coming. We are working super hard to get things out into your hands as soon as we can.

So 2018, is going to be an groundbreaking year with many many rewards.Thank you for using Creately and as always we are committed to deliver you the best diagramming experience.

The Creately team wishes you a merry Christmas and an amazing new year!


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