The new Creately in a Nutshell

Over the last few months we’ve put in a huge amount of work into Creately. While some of these things are highly visible like our updated interface, most of the work we might have gone unnoticed. And that’s exactly what we want.

Hold up! We *Like* our work going unnoticed on Creately?

Yes. Many of the enhancements we’ve made are to the core drawing experience that should feel natural and ‘right’ for you. Nothing odd or ‘wow’ to recognize but a pleasant feeling as you breeze through your diagramming experience without any fuss.

Wondering what these are? Let’s get to it!

Better 1-Click Create

We talk about 1-click create a fair bit already, but in our updates we improved it even further. For example in mind maps, it now even picks the orientation of text based on the position. Just one less thing for you to fiddle with.

Faster 1-click create in mind map

Mind maps are even faster with better 1 click create and connect

It also picks the most common shape that you’ll want with many of the shapes. The options for other shapes have been re-organized and arranged in terms of commonality and priority. See Flowcharts, UML or Value Stream Maps to see what we are speaking about.

Improved Connectors and Glue Points

One of those fiddly things that everyone hates is manually adjusting all the connectors to look just how you like it. We’ve put in a lot of thought and effort into making sure you spend very little time adjusting things.

So we built in better automatic paths for connectors so that they connect two shapes in the most visually pleasing and optimal fashion. Also, we added more glue-points for various objects where it is common to have many connectors for a shape like UML shapes.

One hallmark of our connectors has been that Creately automatically chose the type of line style, arrowhead etc. based on what’s being connected without you having to do anything. This is now even smarter. It understands rules of how many connectors of a given type can be linked to a shape, like a UML Class can have only one ‘Inherits’ connector. Others become associations automatically.

Amazing default color palette

Colors are underused many a time in diagrams. Used properly they make diagrams richer and easier to understand. However, that level of skill requires a significant amount of thinking and practice.

We’ve gone and done the research, analysed thousands of diagrams and picked some great default colors for each type of diagram. Complementary colors have been chosen for even different types of diagrams as they might need to belong in the same final document.

These default choices mean that when you draw something with Creately, there will be one less thing to think about in trying to make your diagrams shine.

Preset color palette

The all new Creately color palette

Smarter ‘Smart Shapes’

Most of you have always loved the power smart shapes offered you. Type in some text and boom! you save yourself tons of drawing time and have it drawn for you. These could be seen in multiple libraries like Wireframes, UML and Infographics.

We revisited all of these shapes and tuned them to have more configurablity and relevance. For example our Wireframe library can switch between Operating Systems and Mobile devices and give you multiple formats with very little effort.

Sharper Text everywhere

This was a tough one. We digged deep and fixed a huge amount of edge cases when you add text to shapes, diagrams or export things into PDF or SVG. The permutations and combinations given the breadth of Creately shapes was quite daunting at first but our work into this also meant we were able to give extremely sharp looking text on devices with Retina Screens as well as on exported content.

The result; your diagrams just look simply better.

All these things I just mentioned were just the tip of the iceberg. Thousands and thousands of person hours were and is being spent on making sure you have an amazing experience with Creately no matter what you try to draw.
If you feel that you are getting the idea on your mind on to your diagram without thinking about the actual process and are in the zone, we’ve done our job.  Pleasure to be of your service!



Software engineer turned tech evangelist. I handle marketing stuff here at Creately including writing blog posts and handling social media accounts. In my spare time, I love to read and travel.

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