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Major UI Upgrade for an Enhanced Diagramming Experience

We promised you something awesome and its time to deliver. Welcome to the all new Creately, a major update to the user interface that will help you to cut down the time spent on creating and managing diagrams.

We listened to your feedback, thought of ways to address those issues and to make Creately even better. And the result is a brand new interface for a supercharged diagramming experience.

The new face of Creately

The new face of Creately

The flat design is not only about giving a clean modern look to the application. It has many other benefits to the overall diagramming process.

For starters its much more easier on the eye and will help you get through those time consuming diagrams with less strain. Users who regularly draw diagrams will see an immediate benefit from the change.

Plus the lack of depth and bright colors will help you focus on the diagram instead of the surrounding elements.

So if you haven’t used the app for a while now’s a good time to revisit Creately and take your diagramming experience to the next level.

Next up – we are also cleaning up the look and feel of all of our shapes and stencils. Yes all 1000 shapes are going to get an update making your diagrams look even nicer!

This is just the beginning of a whole new experience with Creately. we’ve got many more exciting updates and changes planned for 2015 !!!

Now, we want to hear all about it from you. When you do have a go at the app, please do let us know what you feel. Whatever your thoughts are we’d love to hear them. You can always use the feedback option in the app, visit or mail us to

Until we meet next year, Merry X’Mas and Happy New Year !!!





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