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Introducing Creately

Creately is an online diagramming and design application. We’ve always felt the process of diagramming and design is somewhat broken. While there are some excellent tools out there, their focus is on drawing.

We think otherwise.

Diagrams are about communication & collaboration. When used right, they have the amazing ability to communicate something complex in the simplest of ways.

When communicating such complex ideas, we implicitly embed a lot of information and data in the diagrams. But after creating the diagram or design, what you get is a picture. A static image which does not capture that rich thinking which went into the diagram. We thought that could be fixed.

With that in mind, we had a three design goals for Creately.
– Make it really easy to use
– Don’t lose the data
– Help the users to get the message out/do the design right.

Achieving those is not trivial. However, we are trying. Contextual UI’s and Createlys’ ability to understand what the user is drawing helps in making it easy on the user.

Our KObject technology which allows capturing intelligence and data into visual objects help in seamlessly capturing data and doing automated validation checks.

Multi-user collaboration is nothing to throw a huge party about, because we think its a given. It has to be there for a user to create a design/diagram. You would rarely complete a design by yourself. There’s always a team involved.

We are releasing fairly early. Not all the features we want you to have are there yet. And this is a real beta. You may run into some issues and we apologize for that in advance. But do let us know, and we are dying to make Creately a better application for you. And we can’t wait to open the floodgates on Creately, but we need your help in making it just a bit better.

Please sign up for the beta and start discovering Creately. Don’t forget to tell us how we can help make Creately a better product for you.

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