Awesome Enhancements and Tweaks for a Fresh Start

The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid. We have some awesome features planned to be released this year and a more stable and robust Creately is the stepping stone to those new features. Listed below are some awesome enhancements we added to Creately so you can have a smoother diagramming experience.

Enhancements to Smart Objects

Objects getting re-sized and connectors getting messed up as a result was one of the main problems faced by our users. All smart objects are fixed now and you wont have any trouble with automatically re-sized diagrams in the future. If you’re using the infographics library we added last year you will find this particularly useful.

Manipulating Text Just Got Easier

Text boxes add clarity and information to a diagram and we greatly enhanced how they work. Some changes include

  • Fixed some objects re-sizing when text is edited
  • Stopped long text boxes and empty text boxes from blocking other objects
  • Fixed text not getting wrapped/cut off issues in objects
  • Fixed deleted text appearing again when connector type changes
  • Fixed some text getting lost when adding multiple text areas in a connector
  • Cursor blinking issues when text is deleted

Save Time with 1-Click Access to Properties in Smart Objects

As many of you know our smart objects are packed with different properties. With this enhancement you can access them via the contextual toolbar with one click. If it’s a smart object with quick access to properties you will see a different icon in the contextual toolbar. Other than giving quick access it notifies you about the possibilities of our smart objects.

New icon for smart objects in Creately

New icon for smart objects

Smoother and Tidier Connectors

Connectors play an important role in many diagrams so we greatly enhanced how connectors work and react to changes. Flowchart connectors are fixed so you wont get untidy lines when you import and export a flowchart or when you have multiple flowchart diagrams opened.

Also the changes to line color, size or style is preserved even after you changed the connector type.

More Collaboration and Sharing Goodness

Introduction of real-time collaboration has increase the interaction of our users. We added some simple but important enhancements to further facilitate this. Some of them include

  • A link to the diagram is included when you send the diagram as an email
  • Included all new comments in the notification emails about diagram changes

Mentioned above are some of the important enhancements added to Creately to improve your productivity. Enjoy the enhancements and we love to hear your opinion about the changes. Just leave a comment or send a mail to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.





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  1. Asiru Nasir

    simple but cool site design and full of informative articles too, but why not updating regularly???

    • Nishadha

      We do try to maintain at least one post per week. Subscribe to get the latest posts as soon as they are published.

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