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Take Your Workflow in Confluence to a Whole New Level with Creately

We have a major announcement to make! 

Our Brand New Confluence plugin is live! This means you can now seamlessly embed Creately diagrams in your Confluence pages and blog posts.  It’s the perfect way to create more dynamic pages that are enriched with visuals. 

As you already know we also rolled out our Google Drive and Slack integrations that are based on our new API platform, which should enable us to release more and more integrations and deeper connections to the daily apps you use. 

Soon after these releases,  we started working on rebuilding the Confluence plugin from the ground up so we can bring the best of Creately to Confluence. A request many of you had made since the release of the new Creately

Here’s what you can look forward to. 

A New, Faster, Flash-Free App

The new Creately plugin for Confluence is built on a completely new tech stack (no more flash!) and comes with a completely re-imagined UI and user experience. 

And it is packed with multiple customized features for Confluence users. 

There are many powerful drawing shortcuts that make visualizing your ideas, concepts, processes, etc. much faster. Intuitive features like plus create, smart shapes and connectors that adjust according to context, contextual toolbar, etc. let you do more thinking and less drawing.  

Even if you are not that diagram savvy you can finish off with a professional-looking diagram with our simpler presets and themes. 

Plus, Creately offers standard shape libraries for 50+ diagram types, be it UML, flowcharts, network diagrams, mind maps, org charts, wireframes, SWOT diagrams or checksheets. 

Here are some more features you’ll love; 

  • Infinite canvas area for any type of visual task 
  • Image import options. Even import custom shapes, logos, clipart, GIFs, etc. to customize your diagrams 
  • SVG, JPEG and PNG image export for printing or publishing

Create. Embed. Share. 

Creately works natively inside your on-premise Confluence server. This means you can easily share content with the team without having to log in to Creately first. And all the documents you create will be saved as attachments on the page itself.

Everyone who has access to a particular Confluence page or blog post can access and edit the attached diagrams, even if they are not a Creately user. Changes made this way will be reflected immediately on the diagram on the page once you save them from Creately.

This helps you store and access all relevant documents in one place, making it easier to manage communication with your team and stakeholders.  

Here’s our user guide for installing the Plugin. It explains all steps with screenshots. 

It’s time to try our Confluence Plugin to take your workflow to a whole new level! 

Migrating from Creately Classic to the New Creately Diagrams Plugin

As this is a completely new codebase, direct migration of Creately Classic plugin content is not possible at present. We are working on a migration tool that is expected to be rolled out in Q2 2020. In the meantime, we will continue to support Creately Classic with Confluence compatibility updates.

For new pages and documents, we recommend that you use the new Creately diagrams plugin. You can have both plugins installed at the same time.

We’ve Got More in Store for You!

We are working on more features, integrations, and upgrades even as we speak. Watch this space for more new updates!
 We are inspired by your feedback, so don’t forget to share your ideas on


Amanda Athuraliya

Amanda Athuraliya is the communication specialist/content writer at Creately, online diagramming and collaboration tool. She is an avid reader, a budding writer and a passionate researcher who loves to write about all kinds of topics.


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