Creately is now accessible in German!

As promised 2 days back, Creately and Creately Desktop is now up and ready in German! If your OS is already in German then there’s nothing that needs to be changed. However, when it comes to Creately Desktop, if your OS is in English and you need to switch to German, changing the settings is easy. Simply click on Preferences and change the language to German. When you start the application next, the conversion would have taken place.

As most of you are aware, we called out for volunteers to help us translate Creately and Creately Desktop into various foreign languages as part of our Localization Program, and we’re positively stoked with the response we’ve received so far. So a big “THANK YOU!” for all those who volunteered. At present, we’re working with a number of volunteers to get Creately translated into French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese. If there are more of you who like to pitch in, please do! There are some cool freebies on offer for those who do help us out. :0)



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  1. […] more swell news. It’s just over a month since we got Creately and Creately Desktop up and running in German. Thanks to our Localization Program, we’ve got both Japanese and Chinese added onto our language […]

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