The new Creately for FogBugz Plugin Version 1.2 is good to go!

When we first launched the platform for FogBugz, you just couldn’t get enough of it, could you?

Because we love being loved, we got the guys and girls at our R&D centre to continuously upgrade the plugin with more and more features. After busting a few neurons and spending many arduous nights (no sleep, plenty of caffeine, get the picture?), we’re ready to throw down the red carpet and pop some Dom Pérignon and invite you to try, (taaaa daaaa) – Creately for FogBugz Plugin Version 1.2.

You see folks, this ain’t just another oh-by-the-way-we-need-an-update-chums type of an update. It’s way grander than that. First things first, we dragged out the fly swatter and killed the bugs. And if you come across any, you let us know, you hear?

The basic premise of Creately for FogBugz is that a project team can create and attach Flowcharts, Use Cases, Wireframes and any other diagrams to their project cases and wikis.

But you knew that. So, here’s what you didn’t know.

So, what’s new?

We’ll tell you. The new version is enriched with brand new customizable Text-driven Smart Objects, which means they can be configured by just editing the Text from the Properties panel. So you can make it as funky as you want it. So, can Smart Objects be used in Wireframes, UML and Database Designs? Oh, yes. Geez, what will we think of next? :0)

Image Search? Oh, it’s just a cinch.

Images there and images here. What’s an enterprising project manager to search for, when time really is in short supply. Now, scrolling up and down in search of images is redundant. Now, just type what you want, and hey presto, there you have it.

And there’s more. We hitched up Google Images and as well to our Search function. We are of the opinion that a choice of thousand plus images, should do you okay. ^_^

There you have it folks, the latest and greatest Creately for FogBugz Plugin Version 1.2. Go ahead, give it a go. We know, you so want to.



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  1. Sweet! Flowcharts in FogBugz will be a very pleasant addition. Good work.

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