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Creately Desktop is now in Beta!

We did warn you that there was going to be a massive announcement two days ago.

After many sleepless nights, hours of nocturnal planning, interesting bug fixes and a considerable amount of fun, we’ve just gone into Beta for the Desktop Version of Creately . It did take some time to bring to you that same loved user experience along with the collaboration factor and dual capacity to work online and offline. But we think we managed to capture all of what our users loved into one compact bundle.

As we try to bridge the gap between desktop apps and web apps, we’ve made and named our favourite feature as  “Diagrams Anywhere”.

As the name implies… 😉 you can access all your diagrams  from anywhere – on your desktop or in your browser, even when your not connected to the web. You’ll have all the diagrams that you created on the online (on or the desktop app sync’ed automatically across all the shared collaborators. No thinking, or button pressing involved, it just syncs away whenever you have connectivity.

So, install Creately Desktop now and let us know what you think. It IS a Beta release so there’s bound to be a few bugs. Do let us know (mail or twitter) when you find them so we can keep squishing away.



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  1. Carlos Costa

    I like use creatly. I want see te new desktop applcation.

  2. waiting for stable!

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