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Confluence Diagrams Just Got Easier with Creately

It’s been only eight months since we launched our Confluence Diagrams plugin, and already thousands of users are using its powerful features to draw flowcharts, organizational charts, wire-frames, mock-ups and many more diagram types. That was just the beginning!

Now we are excited to introduce two powerful features that will take your Confluence diagrams usage to the next level.

Clickable and Zoom-able Confluence Diagrams Using Creately Viewer

The new Creately diagram viewer addresses two problems faced by our users when adding diagrams in Confluence. Adding clickable diagrams and adding large diagrams to Confluence pages. Adding large images will grow the page horizontally and the page will loose its styling and you will be left with an unwieldy page. There was support for clickable diagrams, but only inside the diagram editor.

The new Creately diagram viewer solves this problem by adding a HTML widget to the Confluence page. It will look like a normal image in your Confluence page but once you hover over the image you will see the Creately toolbar which shows the links in the diagram, zooming bar, download button and social sharing buttons. You also has the ability to set the size of the player so it will fit perfectly to your Confluence page. Below video show the power of the Creately diagram viewer and a clickable diagram examples.

The video shows an example of a UI mock-up, but there are plenty more Confluence diagrams where this feature will be very useful. Some of them include

  • Multi level UML and Database design diagrams
  • Any large diagram ( zoom and panning features )
  • Linked flowcharts
  • Gantt charts where task blocks can be linked to Confluence pages
  • Site maps with pages linked to mock-ups of those pages
  • Clickable UI mock-ups

One Click Access to 1000’s of Templates

We also integrated the Confluence diagram plugin with our online diagram template library. This means you can access thousands of high quality diagram templates and over a million diagram examples. This fully searchable large online community is constantly updated and will definitely cut down the time you spend on drawing Confluence diagrams.

Draw Confluence diagrams faster using Creately Templates

Creately Community browser gives you access the thousands of templates to draw Confluence diagrams faster

You can get the latest version of the Confluence diagram plugin from the plugin exchange. Hope you enjoy using the features as much as we enjoyed building them! .



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