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A comparison infographic on Visio, Smart Draw, Creately, Omnigraffle and Gliffy


Keeping in line with that proverbial cliche, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, we did a nifty infographic on five of the most well known diagramming tools out there. So find out what’s hot and what’s not below. Download article as PDF

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New PERT templates (AoA and AoN) on Creately


This post came to fruition thanks to one of our customers, @raoulUK, who made a request for AoN templates a few days back. So we’ve come up with three cool new templates for our users (shown as examples below), which can be found under Business Graphics in Creately.com. With over half a million project managers across 185 countries, (who also probably uses diagramming software to make their lives… Read More

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Creately is now accessible in German!

Creately Desktop in German

As promised 2 days back, Creately and Creately Desktop is now up and ready in German! If your OS is already in German then there’s nothing that needs to be changed. However, when it comes to Creately Desktop, if your OS is in English and you need to switch to German, changing the settings is easy. Simply click on Preferences and change the… Read More

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Creately goes multilingual!


We got some really swell news for all our customers the world over! Creately will soon be accessible in German and then subsequently in other different languages of the world. Stay tuned to this space to find out when this will be. At the moment, we’re all excited (and are hard at work) on our brand new Localization Program; and you’re probably thinking what on… Read More

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10 features why diagramming is easier with Creately Desktop


With Creately Desktop being set up for launch within a matter of days, we’re more than excited with the positive response we received from all you awesome users! The launch of Creately Desktop may be the natural way to go for an app that’s still growing, yet it is also about offering something that people are wowed by. Because diagramming is the foundation… Read More

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