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Awesome Enhancements and Tweaks for a Fresh Start

New icon for smart objects in Creately

The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid. We have some awesome features planned to be released this year and a more stable and robust Creately is the stepping stone to those new features. Listed below are some awesome enhancements we added to Creately so you can have a smoother diagramming experience. Enhancements to Smart Objects Objects getting re-sized and… Read More

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Top Five Community Diagrams of the Week!

Gantt Chart from Creately

Last Friday was community day at Creately and we took some time to go through thousands of diagrams created by our users. We came across some great diagrams and promoted them via rating them and sharing them in various social networks. Creativity shown by some of the users were pretty amazing. Below are the top five diagrams of the week and you can… Read More

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Creately Confluence Plugin now Supports Confluence 4.0

Creately Plugin for Confluence

Atlassian recently released Confluence 4.0 and the Creately Confluence plugin now supports the new version. There are some really good social networking elements added to the new version of Confluence and those features have gotten some great feedback from the users. Online collaboration is becoming increasingly important in future applications and adding social elements to the application makes it much more fun. If… Read More

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