Venn Diagram Templates to Download or Modify Online

Below are some Venn diagram templates/examples available to you in the Creately diagramming community. You can download them for free or modify then online using our diagram software. New templates are added frequently so be sure to check back often.

Downloadable Venn Diagram Template ( for Printing )

We have created some downloadable blank Venn diagram templates for your convenience. These PDF downloads are made to fit A4 sheets so you can easily print them out and use in assignments or classrooms.

You can even modify them online to fit your requirement and then download them as a PDF. for example if you’re a teacher then you can modify the template online and add name and class as the fields and then download it. You can even add names to the circles, fill some of the circles etc. You’re only bound by your creativity.

3 Set Venn Diagram ( A4 – Portrait) ( PDF )

Link to modify online –

3 Set Venn Diagram ( A4 – Landscape) ( PDF )

Link to modify online –

3 Set Venn Diagram Templates

3 set Venn diagrams are frequently used in classrooms so they are one of the most sought after templates when it comes to Venn diagrams. Creately offers quite a few 3 Venn diagram templates with 3 circles.Below are some of them. Click on the images to modify them online.

Lets get started with an interesting 3 set Venn about student grades.

Venn diagrams templates at Creately

Student Grades venn diagram template

Another 3 circle Venn diagram template covering the basics.

Basic 3 Set Venn Diagram Template

3 Set Venn diagram template available at Creately diagram community

Another 3 circle Venn diagram example with different set of attributes.

3 Set Venn diagram example with different set of attributes

Another 3 set Venn example available at Creately

2 Set Venn Diagram Templates

Sometimes you just need a simple Venn diagram template with 2 sets. Lets get started with a 2 set Venn diagrams showing the differences between Visio and Creately.

2 Set Venn diagrams templates available at Creately

Creately vs Visio explained using a Venn diagrams

If you want to get started quickly then below is the most basic 2 circle Venn diagram template available at Creately. Click on the image to start modify the diagram online.

Simple 2 circle Venn diagram templates

The very basic Venn diagram templates to get started quickly

Drawing Venn Diagrams with Creately

Shown above are some of the Venn diagram templates available at Creately. Creately’s drag and drop interface makes it very easy to draw Venn diagrams and many other diagram types. You can adjust the transparency levels, circle colors, line colors etc to create beautiful Venn diagrams.

Also Google image search is integrated to the Creately drawing tool, so you can search for various images right inside the Creately drawing tool and drag and drop those images to your Venn diagram. No need to save and import images just to add to your diagram.

There are plenty more features that makes it extremely easy to draw Venn diagrams. Click here to check out Venn diagram software by Creately.

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