Top 10 Flowchart Ideas for your Small Business

Flowcharting is all about drawing simple and easy-to-understand diagrams illustrating the logical sequence in a process. Flowcharts help you communicate and document how processes work; and mapping out the logical steps in a process also helps you figure out ways to improve the process. The creative Flowchart ideas below will help you get started with Flowcharts.

Here are ten examples of Flowcharts that would come in handy. All of them created with Creately’s online diagramming software! With the easy to use Flowchart symbols, Swim Lane Templates and Work Flow templates flowcharting is a breeze on Creately, All you need to do is come up with Flowchart ideas. If you want to learn more about flowcharts check out the ultimate guide to flowcharts.

All of the flowchart ideas below can be used as templates. All you need to do is

  • Click on the image ( you will be taken to a new page )
  • Click the “Use as Template” button in that window

1) Banking Teller Flowchart

Most of us are familiar with bank tellers so we will use that as our first flowchart idea. Processes and decision points are shown in separate colors so it will be easier to understand the diagram.

Banking Teller Flowchart idea

Banking Teller Flowchart ( Click to use as a template )

2) Recruitment Process Flowchart

Our next flowchart idea is something most of us will go through in our life. Many have already gone through the process. I wonder how many actually got a thank you mail though :-)

Recruitment Process Flowchart

Flowchart of a recruitment process ( click to see full image and use it as a template )

3) Credit Card Transaction Flowchart

Although the process is familiar we added some special features to this flowchart example. We have added swim lanes to this flowchart. Click here to learn more about swim lanes in flowcharts.

Credit Card Transaction Process with swim lanes

Flowchart with swim lanes ( click to use as template )

4) Understanding Creately


What is Creately ? It’s the tool we are using to draw these beautiful flowcharts. So click the image below to learn more about Creately or just visit our website.

Understanding Creately Flowchart

Flowchart about Creately ( Click to use as template )

5) University Admission Process

University Admissions Chart

University admission data flow diagram

Drag-n-Drop Creately’s Data Flow symbols to draw a simple Data Flow  Diagram. This DFD shows the flow of data involved in a Student’s University Admission.

6) Purchase Order Process ( Best of the Flowchart Ideas ? )

BPM chart

Business process management

Creately is loaded with Business Process Symbols too! Easy to use shapes and interactive interface helps you create Business Process Models at a blazing speed!

7) Flowchart on Social Media

Social Media Flowchart

Flowchart about Social Media

Yet another exciting flowchart depicting the process involved in Social Media interaction.

8) Video Uploading Process

Thinking of uploading a video could be a pain, but the whole process looks extremely easy through this simple flowchart.


Video upload process flowchart

9) Creately’s Customer Support Process

Support Process Flowchart

Creately support process flowchart

Beautiful interface makes creating Swim Lane diagrams an ease on Creately. Don’t miss out on this Swim Lane diagram, it would help you understand Creately’s Customer Support process.

10) After Sales Service Process

After Sales Service Process Flow

Repair service swim lane flowchart

Another Swim Lane diagram. With the 1-Click connect feature, I’ve managed to put up a Swim Lane diagram illustrating the After Sales Service process.

Hope these Flowchart ideas get your creative juices flowing and and if you are still not satisfied you can browse thousands of other diagrams in Creately diagram community. And let us know what more you’d like to see.

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Indu Kandasamy is the Marketing Maven at, a collaborative diagramming software for teams. When she’s not working on marketing strategies for web start-ups, she paints and loves to create designs for printed textiles. You can follow her on Twitter: @induja and also follow Creately: @creately

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Flowchart Ideas for your Small Business

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  2. Flow chart remains the easiest way of representing an idea or process… no matter how complex.. something i learnt to appreciate while studying chemical engineering

  3. Flowchart is the easiest way to understand a process in the most logical way possible..I learned them in my engineering and since then they have been of immense use.

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